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Visual Arts at San Domenico School

Lower School Visual Arts

Lower School

Developing a child's capacity to respond to art enriches their capacity to feel and create in a worldwide community. The program is integrated with classroom curriculum, and contains a long-range view of academic and creative direction based on scope and sequence. Students will develop visual and tactile perception—learning to see as an artist through plein air mediums, still life, and direct observation.

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Middle School Visual Arts

Middle School

Students have two periods of art per week throughout each grade of middle school. The curriculum includes assignments in drawing, oil or chalk pastel, printmaking, acrylic painting, collage and assemblage, journaling, ceramics, and a variety of sculpture mediums.Field trips allow students to experience the rich resources of our Bay Area Art Museums.

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Upper School Visual Arts

Upper School

Art classes are taught as an academic discipline, which involves in-depth study, development of skills, personal integrity, and creativity. Students can take classes in a variety of media, such as ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing, 2-D design, printmaking, and photography. All of our classes are offered at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

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