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Virtuoso Program Application / Admission

Virtuoso Program Application / Admission

Virtuoso Program StudentThe Virtuoso Program provides superior music instruction to talented Upper School string players (violin, viola, cello and bass) who wish to dedicate themselves to an intense course of music and academic study, regardless of their financial, cultural or religious background. Enrollment is kept highly selective in order to maintain an extremely low student / teacher ratio.

In addition to meeting San Domenico's academic admission standards, applicants to the Virtuoso Program are carefully screened for their musical potential and readiness to undertake intensive music study. The Program welcomes applications of string musicians who have achieved a technical level sufficient to perform standard solo concerto repertoire—which assumes 4-8 years of private study prior to their attendance at San Domenico. Applicants must audition, and although live auditions are strongly preferred, submission of a recording is accepted if distance prohibits a personal audition on the San Domenico campus.

Virtuoso Program Student PerformingMerit Scholarship

All students accepted to the Virtuoso Program receive some level of merit scholarship funding. This remarkable opportunity not only provides an education of excellence for all deserving students, it also preserves the impeccable quality of the Virtuoso Program by freeing it to only consider students who demonstrate abundant talent and a vigorous commitment to their education and music. By accepting the scholarship, a Virtuoso student acknowledges her responsibility to complete the four-year program and fully comply with its intensive requirements.

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Rob DeNunzio, Music Conservatory Director