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Upper School Music Conservatory

San Domenico Upper School Music Conservatory

We offer a wide array of options for students, whether just beginning an instrument, or as a pre-professional preparing for College and Conservatory auditions. Our faculty places students in lessons and ensembles that serve their musical needs, including strings, piano, woodwinds, and vocal. Students enrolled in the

Music Conservatory’s programs participate in recitals throughout the school year.
Students in grades 9 though 12 have numerous opportunities to expand their musical education whether they’ve never played an instrument or sang before, or if they’ve been studying privately from a young age.

Virtuoso Program: Our award-winning scholarship program for students studying strings at a pre-professional level, the “VP” consists of a chamber orchestra and chamber ensembles. Students also rehearse in sectionals and on solo repertoire with celebrated accompanist Miles Graber. Virtuoso Program students perform in numerous concerts throughout the year. Acceptance is by audition only.

San Domenico Singers: Our Upper School chorus meets three times weekly with the SDS director. This group performs regularly throughout the school year at events such as our annual Vivaldi concert, Christmas Tableaux and off-campus holiday concert, as well as in assemblies and services.

Sinfonia: This orchestra is open to all wind and string students looking for a fun ensemble experience. The group meets twice weekly with Virtuoso Program music director Ann Krinitsky and performs a variety of music in assemblies and recitals.

Music Appreciation: Our 9th grade elective asks the question, “What is music?” and gives them the tools to better listen, discuss, compose, and perform music on their own.

Band Workshop: This course is for students looking to expand their interest in more contemporary genres, such as rock, pop, soul, R&B, and jazz, and is open to all students with experience on their instruments or in vocal instruction.

“AVE”: Our “Advanced Vocal Ensemble” meets twice weekly. It is a combination of upper school and community students looking for additional opportunities to sing, and performs regularly on and off campus representing San Domenico.

Digital Music Composition & Theory: This course explores the essentials of digital music composition by using a digital audio workstation (DAW) and popular software such as GarageBand, Logic Pro, and Abelton Live. Students will learn the basics of using MIDI keyboard controllers to construct chord progressions and melodies and focus on the production and arrangement techniques that contribute to modern electronic music, film scoring, video game music, and other popular contemporary styles.

AP Music Theory: Students in their junior or senior year can enroll in this AP level theory course, which is open to all vocalists and instrumentalists with a basic music theory background.

Private and group music instruction: Many upper school families choose the Music Conservatory for their children’s private music instruction. Private students have many opportunities to perform, including monthly assemblies and semester-end evening recitals. Group lessons and chamber music coaching is also available.

Families interested in our programs are always welcome to visit the Conservatory where we are always happy to give tours and answer any questions you may have about private or group instruction, elective course offerings, after school classes, and performance schedules.


The Music Conservatory instructors are professionally trained musicians who are eager to pass on their extensive knowledge and passion for music.

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