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San Domenico School Music Conservatory

Music has been a part of San Domenico School since the School's founding in 1850. Our Conservatory offers private and group lessons in piano, strings, woodwinds, and voice at all levels. Instruction is open to students enrolled in San Domenico School as well as children who live in the surrounding Bay Area community. Opportunities in music range from exploratory clubs and classes to a pre-professional track.

The San Domenico Music Conservatory

The Conservatory at SD is home to over 25 professional artist faculty, offering private and group instruction on piano, wind, string, percussion instruments, and voice in a broad spectrum of styles and a variety of ensembles, from chamber orchestra to a capella band. Students attending San Domenico School have the unique opportunity to advance their musical knowledge during or after the school day and enjoy the benefits of:

  • study with some of the top performing artist teachers in the Bay Area
  • making use of our state of the art facilities and excellently maintained instruments
  • performing regularly on stage in our acoustically engineered Hall of the Arts
  • access to supervised practice rooms from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm

The Piano Honors Program

The Piano Honors Program is a specialized goal-oriented program for students within the piano department who are committed to a higher degree of practice and performance expectations, and are prepared to undertake the Certificate of Merit exam. Students in the honors program are tested regularly on performance, technique, sight-reading, ear training, and written theory, and perform on a number of recitals each year along with an annual jury.

The Virtuoso Program

Our Upper School is also home to the nationally recognized Virtuoso Program, our specialized track for advanced classical string studies. Focusing on orchestral and chamber music repertoire, the program offers merit scholarships to upper school students with the discipline and talent to pursue music at a pre- professional level in an academically challenging environment.

Benefits of music study

Music develops many of the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century, regardless of a student’s ultimate career choice. Students learn to set high personal standards, problem-solve both individually and in a team, think creatively, and appreciate the relationship between commitment and achievement.


Every student participates in many recitals and concerts each school year, held in our 300-seat concert hall.

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