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San Domenico Upper School
Dance Department

"I have learned a lot about myself and what it means to be a dancer. Loving to dance, regardless of how much you do it or whether or not dance lies in your future, is what makes you a dancer. I will continue to love it and dedicate myself to realizing my full potential as both a dancer and choreographer."
—Kat McLaughlin

We offer an in-depth training program in contemporary dance, with a focus on modern, jazz, ballet, and choreography. All classes are taught by master teachers and choreographers who were professional dancers themselves. The four year program offers opportunities to explore dance from beginning to pre-professional levels, with the option of multiple classes offered five days per week for the serious dance student. In addition to the core curriculum, students have guest classes in a range of styles, such as hip hop, world dance, contact improvisation, partnering lifts, audition techniques, dance history, stage make-up, and real world skills in the business of professional dance.

The San Domenico Dance Ensemble

The dance ensemble is an after school group which focuses on production and performance. Members are chosen by audition, and perform in liturgical celebrations, special school events, the spring musical, and dance concerts.


Our dance faculty members have performed with companies such as Oakland Ballet, The Dance Brigade, American Dance Machine, and the San Francisco Jazz Dance Company.

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