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San Domenico Upper School Dance Department

"I have learned a lot about myself and what it means to be a dancer. Loving to dance, regardless of how much you do it or whether or not dance lies in your future, is what makes you a dancer. I will continue to love it and dedicate myself to realizing my full potential as both a dancer and choreographer."
—Kat McLaughlin

The San Domenico Upper School Dance Program offers a comprehensive training program in modern dance, ballet, pointe, hip hop, and choreography, taught by professional teachers and choreographers. The four-year program provides opportunities to explore dance from first steps through the college level, with classes offered five days a week for the serious dance student.

The Upper School Dance Program focuses primarily on technical training, performance, and choreography. Students are provided with a foundation in technique through which they learn to express their own ideas and stories through choreography and performance.

In addition to technical training, higher level students can expect to:

  1. Investigate the roots of different dance forms by learning about the key figures and eras of dance history;
  2. Create and perform their own dances, while learning about the elements of lighting, costume design, projection, and soundscaping;
  3. Learn the fundamentals of teaching dance and leading rehearsals, with opportunities to teach students in the Lower School and lead classes for their peers.

Students also receive opportunities to take master classes with teachers in a variety of dance forms, including Flamenco, Bollywood, Hip Hop, and West African, as well as take field trips to see professional dance concerts.

Dance classes meet during the school day as well as after school. Most dance classes are eligible for PE Credit. Dance 2, 3, & 4 are eligible for VPA Credit.

The San Domenico Dance Ensemble

Dance Ensemble is the premier performance dance group on campus. Dance Ensemble meets after school, and membership is by audition only. Members have the opportunity to choreograph their own pieces as well as perform in faculty choreography. Dance Ensemble performs at special school events, as well as at the annual Spring Dance Concert, in the styles of modern dance, jazz, and ballet.

Upper School Dance Concert

The annual Upper School Dance Concert showcases the work of each of the Upper School dance classes, the Dance Ensemble, and special guests. Each year, the concert centers around a guiding theme, challenging choreographers and dancers to take risks, think outside the box, and expand creatively in all directions. The concert features choreography by faculty and students, in styles ranging from contemporary to jazz, ballet to hip hop. The concert also includes live music, video projects, and collaborations with Upper School art students.


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