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San Domenico Middle School Dance Department

San Domenico provides middle school students many opportunities to dance, including 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Dance, 8th Grade Ballroom, Junior Dance Ensemble, and the Middle School musical. Students learn basic dance skills in ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, and musical theater.

Classes offer students the chance to develop their own choreography, study with professional teachers, and perform at the end of every semester.

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Dance

Students are introduced to dance technique, choreography, and performance. Students learn the fundamentals of jazz, contemporary, and ballet, while rehearsing for a final performance at the end of the semester. Students are also introduced to the fundamentals of creating original choreography.

Junior Dance Ensemble

The Middle School Junior Dance Ensemble is open to dedicated intermediate and advanced students interested in accelerated opportunities for choreography and performance. Students must have at least three years of serious dance experience, and membership is by audition only.

8th Grade Ballroom

In this co-ed dance workshop, 8th grade students learn partner dance forms such as swing and salsa. Students perform a demonstration of dance steps and etiquette at the end of the semester.



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