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Arts at San Domenico School



"Creativity is the spark that is ignited when we first connect our passions with our capabilities, and realize we can shape the world around us."

- Sally Houston, Art Teacher

At San Domenico, the arts are another opportunity for inquiry, exploration, agency, social commentary, and personal expression. Across myriad platforms and channels, students learn and grow together in practice, rehearsals, and an abundance of performances both on campus and in the community at large.

San Domenico School is an independent coed day school and boarding upper school in Marin County, CA.


From music exploration to pre-professional training—including our world-renowned strings Virtuoso Program—SD students develop a love of music including chorus, pop, strings, classical, composition, and more. Our world-class 300-seat concert hall, the Carol Franc Buck Hall of the Arts, provides unique opportunities for training, master classes, and performance. The Music Conservatory also includes 30 Rehearsal Studios and 25 professional Music Faculty.

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The Virtuoso Program

The Virtuoso Program

The nationally acclaimed pre-professional training program for helps students explore their potential as string musicians through a rigorous academic and musical curriculum during their high school years.

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San Domenico School Theatre Program


Theatre Arts at San Domenico offer a vital opportunity for students to develop and nurture their mind, body, and spirit with instruction in classical, contemporary, and original works. With eight captivating theatre productions each year, technical crew members and performing artists have the chance to delve into musicals, one-act plays, and of course, Shakespeare.

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San Domenico is a independent school in Marin County, CA and offers dance classes and programs for students.


From classical ballet to hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, choreography, and more, the Dance program at SD is creative and collaborative, providing students with technical training that is appropriate to their age and development. Dancers of all levels explore, grow, and perform all year long at many all-school events culminating in the annual Spring Dance Concert.

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Independent Day School in California, San Domenico provides visual arts programs for students in Marin County, CA.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts at SD is a skills-based scope and sequence program that builds upon techniques that maximize opportunity for the best possible creative outcome. In our Dino Ghilotti Motta Visual Arts Center, classes are taught as an academic discipline and involve in-depth study, development of skills, personal integrity, and creativity. Students thrive while exploring a variety of mediums including photography, pottery, drawing, and painting.

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Independent Day School in California, San Domenico provides Digital Media programs for students in Marin County, CA.

Digital Media

SD’s Digital Media Program explores the intersection of technology and the arts and arts in the digital age through the language of multimedia and hands-on use of 21st century technology in creative projects. From graphic design to video production—including a four-year filmmaking program—students learn the art of visual storytelling from storyboarding to scriptwriting, production, and delivering the finished product for social media, screening at film festivals, etc.

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