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Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented annually by San Domenico School to graduates whose lives embody the spirit of Veritas and who, by their dedication to lifelong growth and learning, exemplify our core values of Study, Reflection, Community, and Service. If you know a Dominican Convent/San Domenico alumna/us whose life and work you would like to see recognized with this special award, please use the Distinguished Alumni Nomination Form.

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2017 Distinguished Alumni Recipient - Peckie Harris Peters '77

Peckie Harris Peters ‘77 is the true embodiment of a life-long learner and teacher; from kids to adults, special needs education to skiing… she’s taught it all! Peckie says she has always gravitated to young children, because much like her, they live in the moment. Working in the Pre-K program while still a student at San Domenico in the mid-1970s helped plant the first seed in her pursuit of early childhood education work.

Peckie attended Stanford University, and graduated with a B.A. in Human Biology, with an emphasis on child development. She taught children with special needs for several years before attending Boston University, where she earned her M.Ed. in Special Education. For ten years Peckie taught kindergarten in a K-12 school in Vail, Colorado, while also working as a ski instructor to young children, and to special-needs adults and children.

Upon Peckie’s return to California, she began a position at Bing Nursery School, a laboratory school for preschool age students that is part of the Psychology Department at Stanford. It is here that she holds her current position as head teacher and lecturer in the Psychology Department. Her educational interests include social/emotional development and resiliency, how conflict supports social problem solving and brain development, and its impact on learning and social/emotional development. She has presented at CAEYC (California Association for the Education of Young Children) and NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) conferences.

When asked what she wanted to share with her fellow alumni and San Domenico community, Peckie reflected that when awarded this honor, she realized that in a sense, all San Domenico alumni lead ‘distinguished lives’. “I have tried to live my life authentically and ethically, and I really believe that the experiences we had at San Domenico set the foundation that empowered all of us to enter the world as strong and capable graduates. All of us have made some difference in the world, whether it is raising children, helping friends, or becoming politically active, and will continue to do so.”

Peckie has served on the San Domenico Board of Trustees since 2013, and is a member of the School’s Advancement Committee. Reflecting on being a part of San Domenico School’s leadership, Peckie says, “It has helped me to see that the same mission that existed for us alumnae, continues to exist today. San Domenico is trying to maximize students’ experiences and make them most relevant to their needs in the world that exists today. My experience as a member of the Class of ’77 and as a School Trustee continue to reinforce my belief that San Domenico understands how to support young people to be strong, thoughtful, contributing members in the world.”

Peckie is most passionate about her family, her two grown children, and children in general, a peaceful world, a healthy environment, being outdoors, gardening, and being active.

We honor and celebrate Peckie Harris Peters ’77 for her exemplification of what it means to be a San Domenico alumna: her lifelong embodiment of the spirit of Veritas, a dedication to continuous growth and learning, and living the core values of Study, Reflection, Community and Service.

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