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San Domenico has partnered with Alumnifire (, a powerful new platform designed to strengthen school networks by empowering alumni and students to find each other more easily.

Alumnifire offers recent grads, young professionals, and those considering career transitions access to a wealth of career advice from seasoned, well-connected SD alumni in a wide variety of industries; mentorship and networking opportunities; access to internships and jobs posted by SD alumni, and even the ability to investigate leads at specific companies and organizations where alumni work.

Alumnifire is not designed to replace LinkedIn as a career-networking tool, but rather to complement those resources. Best of all, it’s completely free. Paid for by an annual subscription by San Domenico, the service is free for all alumni. Alumnifire also can be linked to social media and networking platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook for information synching and single-source login, resulting in even greater ease of use.
When they sign up, alumni are asked to identify the help and expertise they'd like to offer, such as:

  • general career or industry advice,
  • informational interviews,
  • portfolio assistance,
  • mock interviews,
  • networking opportunities/introductions,
  • or help with navigating the application process at their organizations.

They also indicate how they like to be contacted and how often. Alumni can then directly find and contact the people who've volunteered to provide the very kind of assistance and advice they need.

Registration takes just a few minutes to complete at