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San Domenico's Campus

Merit Scholar Award

The Veritas Scholar Award is given to select boarding students who exhibit both a love of learning and a commitment to the service of others. At San Domenico, we believe that communities thrive when we empathize with one another and act accordingly and the Veritas Scholar Award honors students who exhibit empathy via their commitment to learning and service. With this financial award we recognize students who take pride in the ongoing acquisition of knowledge – academic, artistic, athletic, or social. Additionally, this merit award is given to students who demonstrate an understanding of the importance of giving – time, energy, and thought. This award recognizes those students that have contributed to their community through service and/or extracurricular commitments. Please note that students must apply for this scholarship during the admissions process when they are initially applying to San Domenico.

This scholarship is an award of up to $20,000 and is renewed each year until graduation, provided the recipient remains in good academic standing and is a positive contributor to the San Domenico community. 

A limited number of awards are granted each year to deserving students both within and outside the United States. The Admissions Committee will determine awards and recipients will be informed when they receive their admission decision notification. 

To apply for this scholarship, please:

  1. To apply for this scholarship, please DOWNLOAD, COMPLETE, and SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION.
  2. Submit your application by emailing it to by January 6, 2022.

Demonstrated financial need is not a requirement for the Veritas Scholarship. However, Veritas Scholarship recipients are also not precluded from obtaining additional financial assistance should their family qualify to pay below the top of the Tuition Index.