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Student Support

At San Domenico, we strive to empower students and facilitate personal growth. To do so, we support each student uniquely and holistically. Our multi-faceted approach to student support provides each student with the tools to take educated risks, be mindful, and know when to ask for help.

Mentor Program

Once a student begins at San Domenico, he or she is assigned to a mentor group. Led by a faculty member or administrator, this group of 9-10 students stay together until graduation, with the mentor serving as the student’s guide throughout high school – the “first stop” when issues arise. Through weekly group and as-needed individual meetings, students quickly develop a bond with both their mentor group and their mentor, and they learn that no matter what might come up in high school, they will always have time and a place to talk about it. From course selection and digital citizenship, to group reflection and peer celebration, mentor groups are the building blocks of the SD Upper School community.

Class Deans

Class Deans are specialists for each grade. As an added layer of support, they are charged with monitoring class-wide trends, disseminating information between mentors and administrative specialists, and supporting grade level mentors in their close work with students. Class Deans meet weekly with mentors of their grade to hear about successes, difficulties, and everything in between, ensuring that appropriate next steps are in place. Deans also attend the weekly Student Support Team meetings.


The social and emotional well-being of our students underscores our mission and is paramount to healthy student development. The Upper School counselor works with students in all grades on an as-needed basis. The Counselor also develops the Wellness curriculum for freshmen and sophomores to lay the foundation for positive personal and interpersonal growth, and consults on various community initiatives like diversity, LGBTQ awareness, and stress management. Working closely with the Dean of Students, the Counselor fosters a student experience infused with inclusion, inquiry, mindfulness, and care.

Learning Resource Center

Learning style diversity is something that we celebrate at San Domenico. We acknowledge that certain learning profiles require additional, personalized academic support, monitoring, and supplementation. The Learning Resource Center ensures that such support is in place, ongoing, and consistently assessed. Through regular student meetings, faculty education, and open communication with families and specialists, the LRC works to encourage and empower all students to excel academically. Click here for more information.

Student Support Team

Each tenet of student support at San Domenico is comprehensive and essential, and their success lies in the constant communication of our Student Support Team. There is always a bigger picture to see, and every week, this group meets to ensure that picture is clear. This team consists of the Director of the Upper School, the Dean of Students, the Dean of Academics, the Dean of Learning Support, the School Counselor, and the Grade Level Deans, who represent the mentors of each grade. Each participant brings the week’s experiences, questions, and concerns to the group, soliciting advice and creating solutions that support students at every grade level. Meet the Student Support & Wellness Team.

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