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Marketing, Digital Media, and Communications Fellowship Program

All Upper School students are invited to apply for the Marketing, Digital Media and Communications Fellowship Program. This leadership position is an opportunity for 9-12 students interested in learning about brand building, marketing, digital content, and communications (You Tube, Instagram, entrepreneurship etc.)


Fellows are current students who want the honor and responsibility of representing SD across digital channels while developing leadership skills and experience in marketing, communicationsbrand development, broadcasting, brand stewardship, and content production.

Digital Media and Communications Fellows  will help grow San Domenico’s online presence and brand across all channels and will work under the direction of the SD Upper School staff and All School Marketing and Communications offices. Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Creating videos that promote various School departments, goings on, and events
  • Contributing photos and videos to social media
  • Contributing written posts to SD Voices, online Upper School website
  • Attending scheduled Fellows meetings 1x/month
  • Writing at least three reviews per year on school review websites
  • Fun lunches brainstorming ideas together!

Mentoring faculty and staff thus far include:

Kate Reeser | Rob DeNunzio | Kimberly Pinkson | Max Barker | Shirley Li
Butch Malec | Kirstie Martinelli | Jared Spires | Stephanie Buechner

Meet the Fellows

Julia Berman

My name is Julia Berman and I am a Junior at San Domenico school. I came to San Domenico as a freshman and during my time here I have been a captain of the track team, played and coached volleyball, as well participated in student council and started the spirit committee alongside Hannah Kaye. I am passionate about creating a platform where students can share their stories and be recognized by our San Domenico community. The best part of the SD community is the support and inclusivity that all the students and staff offer and I want to strengthen that aspect of our community through our school newspaper.

Mason Berry

I’m a Sophomore and have been at San Domenico since Freshman year. As a student at SD I value learning in an environment that is fun and exciting. I enjoy basketball and other sports. I love to be active.

Nick Ginwala

I’m Nick Ginwala. I’m a sophomore at SD, and I’ve been going here since sixth grade. My areas of interest include photography and sports. I enjoy playing baseball and taking photos around the Bay Area. The best part about the San Domenico community is the inclusive environment between grade levels.

Hannah Kaye

I’m a Junior and have been at San Domenico since sixth grade. Within my past three years in high school, I have been involved as captain of the soccer team, student council, national honors society, and co-starting spirit committee. My passions include photography, writing, surfing, and I hope to study nutritional sciences in college. I am super excited to help create a platform where the San Domenico study body can have a voice!

Joyce Kim

I am a Freshman that has newly joined San Domenico. I am in the Virtuoso Program, and I also enjoy participating in the theatre productions! I enjoy writing poetry, learning of history, meeting new people, advocacy, and late mornings. I love the family that I have made while being a part of the SD community.

Julian Olson

I am a Sophomore at San Domenico High School since Freshman Year. I really like the diversity of all the students and their unique cultures they all have. I play the Guitar and enjoy writing songs. I have been a car enthusiast as long as I can remember. I love snowboarding and go wakeboarding when ever I have the chance. I really appreciate the acceptive attitude most, if not all, SD students have. There isn't really a best thing about San Domenico for the simple reason of there being so many good things, but I have to say that I really enjoy the atmosphere of the school.

Max Ray

My name is Max Ray and I’m a junior at San Domenico. I play on the basketball and baseball teams here, and I also have a passion for graphic design. I’m grateful for the opportunities San Domenico provides me and I’m excited for the future!

Ryan Samway

My name is Ryan Samway, and I am a senior here at San Domenico. I am very passionate about writing, and am excited to share all of our voices in The Panther Post. I also love science, and I am pursuing my dream of working in medicine and being a doctor. Outside of school, my interests include lacrosse, running, dancing, and surfing. Most importantly, my goal with this newspaper is to help build a platform for our San Domenico students to share their thoughts and tell their stories, and support and expand our students' voices.

Angel Yang

I am a Junior and have been at San Domenico since Ninth Grade. As an international student, SD community is my second home, inclusive and supportive. At SD, I  am encouraged to try new things and be myself. Due to my interest in writing and service, I participate in both yearbook and Children In Need club, during which I enjoy meeting and getting to know more people.

Dora Zhang

Dora Zhang, a current 10th grader and boarder from San Domenico School. She enjoys theater art and playing ultimate frisbee. Also, as a member for yearbook club and student ambassadors, she loves recording students’ life in SD and sharing SD spirit to more people.

Judy Zhu

I’m Judy, a member of the Class of '21. As a student at SD, I am an Admissions Ambassador and involved in the Theatre Department. These activities enrich my school life. I like swimming, reading books, and watching movies during my leisure time. The best thing about being part of the SD community is that students can fully use their after-school time to do the thing they want to do. You can choose who you want to be at SD.

More bios and photos coming soon.


Click here to apply


Contact Kimberly Pinkson, Director of Marketing and Communications, at