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Upper School Curriculum

Question and Explore

In pursuit of excellence and in support of academic curiosity, we encourage students to consider how diverse academic subjects offer distinct perspectives on our interconnectedness. Through study, reflection, community, and service; through big questions, healthy debate, and thought-provoking conversations, San Domenico students graduate as confident scholars of the world, able to identify their purpose, and passion, thereby meeting and exceeding the academic competencies required for success in college and beyond. Check out our Portrait of a Graduate.

SD offers a diverse and comprehensive college preparatory curriculum, including Advanced Placement, Honors, and college preparatory courses designed to engage and challenge a diverse student body, with developmentally appropriate rigor and progressive pedagogy. 

SD provides an in-depth, purposeful, and meaningful educational experience which guides students to imagine and build a better world!

2020-21 Course Catalog

Notable Courses and Programs

  • Graphic Design
  • Music Composition and Theory
  • Film Studies
  • Project Wayfinder
  • 24 Advanced Placement classes
  • Myth and Meaning
  • AP Chinese Language and Culture
  • AP Computer Science
  • AP 3-D Art and Design