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Upper School Curriculum

Upper School Classroom

Gather around an idea

Upper School Teacher with Students

At San Domenico classes often resemble a college seminar: students and teacher grappling with ideas, sparking new insights, caught up in the give and take of reasoned arguments. Rarely will you see a straight lecture; Information is presented with intentional methodology, utilizing a myriad of platforms to engage all learning styles. These are the pursuits that forge a mature intellect, and prepare young men and women for all the conversations that lie ahead. Small class size, averaging 15 students, allows every voice to be heard.

Explore the tapestry of human knowledge

Upper School Learning

Coursework at SD weaves academic disciplines together to give a holistic view of human culture and thought. How has religion influenced the course of history? How do we see politics in art? When has literature encouraged social justice? Because systems of knowledge are interwoven, we invite our students to encounter ideas within the complex fields that created them, preparing their minds to weigh the many nuances in human reality.

In pursuit of excellence and in support of academic curiosity, we encourage students to consider how diverse academic subjects offer distinct perspectives on our interconnectedness with all living things. As a result, we can guide our students in imaging and building a better world.

Outings (a.k.a."Spring Discovery")

Each year SD students enjoy a week of experiential learning called Spring Discovery. All freshmen attend the Freshman Experience, a week of local field trips and volunteer opportunities. Sophomores embark on an annual trip to Catalina Island with Naturalists at Large. Juniors and Seniors choose from a rotating range of offerings provided by our faculty and staff, that differ from year to year. An example of Spring Discovery options may include: New York Theatre Trip, The Art of Pilgrimage, Local Farm and Local Food, Biotechnology, Operation Happiness, Screen Printing, Martial Arts, Forensic Science.


LEAF (Leadership Environmental Advocacy Focus) courses provide students with a coherent understanding of the interconnectedness of economic, social, and environmental issues and directly address these issues through the lenses of social justice and sustainability.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) elective offerings allow students to take a deeper dive into science, technology, engineering, and math—subjects collectively known as STEM (U.S. Department of Education).

2019-20 Course Catalog