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Upper School

We prepare our students to make the world a better place.

Academics - Upper School

"The SD academic program allows for the essential individuality that high school students crave. Students don't need to choose just one "thing." At SD, scientists love English, athletes take Theatre Honors, and every student, at the College Prep or AP level, jumps at the opportunity to learn how they learn best."
Caitlin Clark, Dean of Academics


SD offers a diverse and comprehensive college preparatory curriculum. Students are empowered to reflect on their learning and take on appropriate levels of challenge, choosing from our Advanced Placement, honors, and college preparatory courses to create a course load that meets their own strengths and interests. Our program is designed to engage and challenge a diverse student body, with developmentally appropriate rigor and progressive pedagogy. 

In pursuit of excellence and in support of academic curiosity, we encourage students to consider how diverse academic subjects offer distinct perspectives on our interconnectedness. Through study, reflection, community, and service; through big questions, healthy debate, and thought-provoking conversations, San Domenico students graduate as confident scholars of the world, able to identify their purpose, and passion, thereby meeting and exceeding the academic competencies required for success in college and beyond.

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Curriculum Overview

Designed to inspire students with a variety of classes that integrate multiple STEAM disciplines.

Students are encouraged to use dance as a platform for self-expression, creativity and storytelling.

Designed for students to learn and produce within the intersection of technology, creativity, and communication.

Students hone critical writing and thinking skills to communicate effectively and logically.

Students learn how caring for themselves allows them to care for others.

A valuable addition to the academic course of study for students whose goals are supported by Advanced Placement.

We encourage students to learn and apply concepts of mathematics at each level of instruction.

Students have the opportunity to perform, produce, and appreciate music in all of its forms.

Students are taught to think scientifically, acquiring the skills necessary to use technology in their scientific pursuits.

We strive to put the present into context, cultivate students' intellectual curiosity, and inspire engagement in the civic process.

One of the greatest joys in life comes from experiencing the passion, rigor, and joyous self-expression of theatre.

Small studio classes and personalized attention are central components of our philosophy and instruction.

Students achieve an advanced level of oral and written language proficiency in Mandarin and Spanish.

Meet the Team

Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark

Academic Dean
School: ext. 1893
Shana Krallman

Shana Krallman

Grades 6-12 Registrar and Testing Coordinator
Natasha McKeown

Natasha McKeown

Dean of Curriculum and Global Education
School: ext. 1529
Melissa Murphy

Melissa Murphy

Upper School Dean of Students
Nora Nemiroff

Nora Nemiroff

Academic Guidance Counselor, Literacy Specialist
Kate Reeser

Kate Reeser

Director of Upper School, Assistant Head for Academics
Adam von Sternenfels Rosenthal

Adam von Sternenfels Rosenthal

Academic Coach, Women's Varsity Lacrosse Coach