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K-12 Tutoring Policy

The following applies to San Domenico teachers who tutor our students, and for "outside tutors" who tutor San Domenico students on campus. In the past, we have had some inconsistencies in our tutoring policies K-12, and our three School Directors, LeaAnne Parlette, Carrie Robley, and Kate Reeser, have worked together to come up with some guidelines that will apply across all three school levels. If you have any questions, please speak directly to your school level Director.

For Students who wish to be tutored by San Domenico Teachers:

  • Current San Domenico teachers may not tutor students who are in their own school level. For example, a Middle School teacher may tutor Lower School and Upper School students, but not Middle School students. If your child was tutored by an SD teacher within your school level last year (academic year 2016-17) and you wish to continue working with that teacher, please email your School Director with your request. We will allow for one transition year for students who have a long standing relationship with a particular teacher who is in their same school level.
  • All tutoring by San Domenico teachers must take place after 4:00 pm. The time between school dismissal and 4:00 pm is reserved for meetings with colleagues, current students, and parents as needed.

For Off-Campus Tutors:

We currently have a very large number of "outside" tutors who are coming to campus to tutor San Domenico students during the school day and after school, with a list of over 50+ tutors who have been vetted. Therefore we are currently beyond our capacity to host additional outside tutors on our campus. For this reason, we are instituting a moratorium on any new tutors working with San Domenico students ON CAMPUS for this year. Families are free to work with their tutor of choice, if they see that tutor off campus. However, if a parent would like their child to work with a tutor on campus, they must contact their school level Learning Specialist and obtain a referral to a tutor who has already been approved and has the ability to work on campus at San Domenico. Please know that we cannot guarantee that your student will be able to meet with a tutor on campus. We encourage families to schedule time with their tutors off campus. Here is the contact information for school level learning support:

Lower School: Katie Ryan -
Middle School: Claire Neuner -
Upper School: Caitlin Clark -

Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to support our students.