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San Domenico Pledge for a Healthy Community

Earth Day Every Day

At San Domenico our approach to sustainability is anchored by the core values of our 800-year old Dominican history, including a commitment to nourish the interconnection of our global citizenry and biosphere.

With all due respect to individual family needs we kindly ask that as a member of our community you pledge to do your part to Make Earth Day Every Day at San Domenico and:

  • Choose safe and green routes to school every day. Take the bus, carpool, walk, ride, or roll to school. Carpooling and bus stops provide a wonderful opportunity to get to know your neighbors more while reducing carbon emissions. Riding bikes or walking to school provides an opportunity for exercise which studies show optimizes brainpower for learning.
  • Obey safe and posted speed limits. By reducing your speed you save on gas, and you keep our children safe as they walk, ride bikes, scooter, and ride horses. The speed limit along Butterfield is 30 mph/ 25 mph in school zones. Slower if a young child is biking along unsteadily. Along the drive by our on campus equestrian center please drive 5 mph.
  • Buy green school supplies. We contract for a supplier to purchase eco-friendly office supplies whenever possible, and encourage that you do the same at home.
  • Use non-toxic cleansers. We use 95% Green Seal Certified cleaning products and ask that you please not bring in any non-green cleaning products, commercial air fresheners, or hand cleansers that contain artificial fragrance or chemicals.
  • Celebrate green. When planning class parties, opt for re-usable or biodegradable dishes, utensils, and cups. Water dispensers or pitchers of water are preferable to plastic water bottles for parties and special events. For more information visit
  • Go for low or no waste lunches and snacks. When packing lunches remember that reusable containers help us reduce waste and support the use of fresh ingredients (rather than pre-packaged foods laden with preservatives and food coloring). Use refillable canteens rather than plastic water bottles.
  • Be a healthy foodie. By eating and cooking with organic, locally grown food, and opting for low or no-sugar snacks, whole grains, legumes, minimal meat, and lots of legumes, fruits, and vegetables we can all help support a thriving ecosystem.
  • Encourage your children, and listen to what they share. From our solar installation to daily composting, we are so proud of the many green initiatives our students lead on campus. By integrating ecoliteracy in our educational philosophy, and intentionally seeking opportunity for our students to connect with the sacred land of our 515-acre campus, we cultivate a sense of place in our students, faculty, and staff that propels holistic, systems based thinking. The result is a thriving community actively engaged in setting goals and striving to live according to positive principles that support and enhance our world both for the present, and for generations to come. As our children learn, they also teach and inspire us.
  • Be water wise. From letting some of our grounds go brown due to voluntary water use cutbacks, to asking students that they only take water in the cafeteria that they are going to drink, and using low flow toilets we can collectively seek out ways to use less water.

For our visionary approach to sustainability San Domenico was honored as one of the first Northern California schools to receive a Green Ribbon Award from the United States Department of Education. By signing below you commit your support to doing your best to continue this tradition to stewardship, health, wellness, and a happy, safe community.