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Ecoliteracy Goals at San Domenico School

Students learn about natural systems and our connection to them from a social, spiritual, cultural, and health perspective.

Content and Connections

We teach students about natural systems and our connection to them from a social, spiritual, cultural, and health perspective.

Dominican pillar of study: We inspire inquiry and provide a strong academic foundation for lifelong intellectual growth.

  • Approach issues and situations from a systems perspective
  • Understand fundamental ecological principles
  • Think critically, solve problems creatively, and apply knowledge and actions.
  • Assess the impacts and ethical effects of human technologies and actions
  • Envision the long-term consequences of decisions

Sense of Place

Sudents in the garden

San Domenico's ecoliteracy program provides students the time and space to work and learn outdoors, thus allowing them to develop reverence, respect, stewardship for the land, and a sense of their place here at San Domenico, and in the natural world.

Dominican pillar of reflection: We celebrate diversity, recognizing God's presence in ourselves and in all of creation.

  • Feel concern, empathy, and respect for other people and living things
  • Experience wonder and awe toward nature
  • Revere the Earth and all living things
  • Feel a strong bond with and deep appreciation of place
  • Feel kinship with the natural world and invoke that feeling in others

Critical Thinking through Application

We teach students to think critically, analytically, and contextually using real life, hands-on, integrated projects to solve real world problems and understand concepts.

Dominican pillar of service: We recognize what it means to be human in a global community and respond with integrity to the needs and challenges of our time.

  • Create and use tools, objects, and procedures required by sustainable communities
  • Turn convictions into practical and effective action
  • Apply ecological knowledge to the practice of ecological design
  • Assess and adjust uses of energy and resources

Creating Community through Celebration

Students learning in the garden

San Domenico creates a learning environment which honors the importance of, and deep desire in children for ritual and celebration, in order to better understand and feel connected to the sacred in nature and in their community.

Dominican pillar of community: We explore and develop the unique gifts of each individual in mind, heart, body, and spirit.

  • Commit to equity, justice, inclusively, and respect for all people
  • See from and appreciate multiple perspectives
  • Work with and value others with different backgrounds, motivations, and intentions