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Summer Coursework 2021

We are strong believers in the power of student choice and that by valuing choice, we empower students, support a diversity of interests and curiosities, AND create opportunities for learning and discussion. We therefore provide a wide breadth of summer reading options at each grade level and create reading opportunities for our parents and faculty as well. In this way, we continue to build and deepen our learning community during our time away, embracing the downtime that summer affords us to read widely and avidly.

Research continues to show us that avid and diverse reading improves tests scores, vocabulary, and writing skills, and also reduces stress. It can also be of help in your college application process. Many universities like Columbia and Stanford, who use the Common Application, include a supplemental question asking students to list what they’ve been reading outside of class.

Below you will find a variety of reading options and summer work assignments for AP classes. Please read carefully for what applies to you and, as always, contact us with any questions!


Lower School Supply List                      Middle School Supply List       

Upper School students, please see email.