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Suicide Prevention Resources

In collaboration with the Marin County Office of Education we want to remind you that you are not alone in managing your mental health, or that of someone you love. There are many resources available to support you and we share some herein. Many of us have been affected by the pain and tragedy of suicide. We may have lost someone very dear to us or the impact could have occurred by the loss of someone we may have never met. The entire Marin County school community along with our mental health and healthcare partners are dedicated to keeping our young people safe. Suicide is a complex public health issue that can be prevented. We can play a role in learning and sharing resources on the warning signs of suicide.

Resources and ways to advocate for suicide prevention: 

  • Find resources, activities and social media toolkits by visiting the Know the Signs website, a statewide suicide prevention social marketing campaign: This website will give you access to the following resources: 
    • Know the Signs: While pain is not always obvious, most people who are considering suicide demonstrate warning signs.
    • Find the Words and Create a Safe Space: Creating a safe space at a time when there is no crisis is one way we can play a role in suicide prevention. Ways to get the conversation started for concerned loved ones and friends can be found here. Use this time to reach out to someone in your life and let them know that you are comfortable to talk about anything they need, including suicide.
    • Reach Out for support and additional resources. 
    • Annual Suicide Prevention Week Activation Kit: Find social media kits and other activities to promote advocacy. (Link:
  • Use and share the attached Webinar Zoom background for all of your virtual calls this week. 
  • Watch and share this 60-second PSA created by a California student. This film encourages the viewer to directly ask someone who shows warning signs of suicide if they are thinking of suicide.
  • Attend Suicide Prevention EVENTS happening in our community. 

If you or someone you know needs help, please know that you are not alone. Crisis lines, counselors, intervention programs, and more are available to you, whether you are in crisis yourself or concerned about someone else.