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Student Support, Health, & Wellness

At San Domenico, we believe wellness requires a holistic approach. We support our students both emotionally and academically and proactively work to create an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming community. 

SD's Student Support and Wellness team includes Learning Specialists, Counselors, and a Health Services team who collaborate closely to support our students, parents, and faculty. Together, we foster an overarching experience of health and wellness within our program.

Student Support & Wellness Team

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San Domenico Resources

Health Center Administrator
Krista Alborg, BSN, RN | 415.258.1950

Lower School Counselor
Lisa Richter

Middle School Counselor
Dr. Lauren Ogren, MFT, PsyD

Upper School Counselor
Kathleen Laughlin, M.F.T.


If you or someone you know needs help, please know that you are not alone. Crisis lines, counselors, intervention programs, and more are available to you, whether you are in crisis yourself or concerned about someone else.

For more information and support, click here.