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Real Opportunities for Service in Education (ROSE)

At San Domenico the values of service and social justice are central to our Dominican mission. All students take the social justice course in their junior year as an Ethics, Philosophy, and World Religions requirement which helps students develop a systemic approach to understanding the social and environmental challenges of our day. As students explore a wide range of contemporary issues, from the ramifications of the global economy to human rights, they are challenged to develop an integrated understanding of the social, political, ecological, and economic dimensions of striving for justice in the modern world through a variety of readings and projects, classroom involvement, and attending on-campus events.


A vital facet of the junior year is the design and implementation of a service learning project. San Domenico students are not simply “helping” by volunteering, or logging volunteer hours. The Real Opportunities for Service Education (ROSE) Project is a two-year commitment to an issue with reciprocal benefits for both the community and the student. The project begins when the student writes an Action Plan to identify a justice issue that will be the focus of his or her project. The student proceeds to research the systemic roots of this issue by addressing the following:

  • Why does this issue exist?
  • Which of San Domenico's four core values applies to this issue?
  • Which of the Catholic Social Teachings are related to this problem?
  • Where is there a need in my community (local and/or global) for my service commitment to this issue?
  • What are government, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and other non-profit organizations doing to address this issue?

Each student reads an approved book (novel, non-fiction, or memoir) related to the issue, then coordinates, leads, and organizes a community outreach component consisting of 40 service hours. This culminates in a final presentation in the spring of senior year, where students shares experiences and educate their community on the issue.

Examples of San Domenico Student ROSE Projects

Local: Homeward Bound, Canal Alliance, Sonoma Fire Department, Burn Unit at San Francisco Memorial Hospital, Marin Municipal Water District

Abroad: Bosnia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Peru, Hawaii