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Portrait of a Graduate


"Through study, reflection, community, and service; through big questions, healthy debate, and thought-provoking conversations, San Domenico students graduate as confident scholars of the world, able to identify their purpose, and passion, thereby meeting and exceeding the academic competencies required for success in college and beyond."Kate Reeser, Director of Upper School

A graduate of San Domenico School will have cultivated and demonstrated the following qualities:

Effective Communicator

Graduates will be effective communicators, knowing how to use a range of mediums - from spoken word to digital platforms - to convey ideas and stories with clarity and insight.

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Global and Community Change Agent

Graduates will be Global Citizens rooted in local cultures and environments. They will have an ethical framework which will guide a sustainable life and a pursuit of service.

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Inclusive Collaborator

Graduates will work effectively with and actively seek out the perspective of peers and adults from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, working together with empathy, sensitivity, and compassion.

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Creative and Critical Thinker

Graduates will have command of interdisciplinary knowledge and be able to effectively analyze information, evaluate sources, and reconcile conflicting perspectives, affording them the skills to think and create in original ways.

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Emotional Intelligence and Wellness

Graduates will demonstrate emotional intelligence with the ability to identify and manage their emotions, develop healthy interpersonal relationships, and demonstrate a conscious, self-directed and evolving experience of physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.

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