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Parent Ed

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Terra Linda High School
 Parent forum with Dr. Matthew Willis, Marin County Public Health Officer. 

Learn about the data in Marin County regarding youth substance abuse, the impact on the developing teen brain, warning signs and prevention. He will also discuss depression in teenagers and provide resources.

Read More about BE IN THE KNOW: What you need to know about teen substance abuse and depression
The Marin County Office of Education

The Marin County Office of Education in partnership with IndieFlix is presenting two screenings of the film Angst

Thursday, March 29 at the Marin County Office of Education - 6:00 pm (English and Spanish)

In 55 minutesAngst leads the conversation that every family and educator needs to have.  It features anxiety experts, teens and adults sharing stories of anxiety, including students from Marin County.  The film answers many questions including:

·         What is the difference between being anxious and having an anxiety disorder?

·         What causes anxiety?

·         What can we do to feel better?

Viewers of the film will leave feeling lighter and with a greater understanding about what we can do to recognize and manage anxiety.  Following the screening will be a discussion moderated by skilled mental health professionals from our community and the filmmaker, Karin Gornick, along with teens from the film. 

For more information about the film visit
To view the Angst film trailer visit

Read More about Angst Screening - Marin County Office of Education
Greenwood School, 17 Buena Vista Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA

The Sibling LAB: 
Transforming Rivalry into Revelry

What can I do to promote a strong bond between my kids? Their fighting creates so much tension and upset at home. What can I do to help their relationship thrive? How can I help them build a safe connection? What is my role when they are fighting? Why are they constantly AT each other? 

Polly will answer these questions in the Sibling LAB and show you a productive road to cultivating a peaceful home.
(parents only please) To register for this event, call 415-388-0495 ext. 405

* This is an off-campus community event, not produced by San Domenico, but open to all local community members.

Read More about The Sibling LAB: Transforming Rivalry into Revelry with Polly Ely, LMFT
Ferguson Conference Room

8th Grade Parents will have an opportunity to view the film, "Irreversible Consequences", a movie depicting the consequences suffered by two teens whose careless texting and online behavior changes the course of their lives.

The film is a joint project of the Marin District Attorney's Office and the Jeannette Prandi Children's Center (JPCC), and the San Marin Advanced Drama Class. Our program at San Domenico will be facilitated by the director of the JPCC, Dr. Michael Grogan.

Please RSVP for the Wednesday, April 11th Parent Movie Screening to so we can plan for the correct number of guests.

Read More about 8th Grade Irreversible Consequences Parent Coffee

Times and dates are subject to change for all events,
so, please check individual websites for the most current event information.

Some listed events are off-campus community events, not produced by San Domenico,
but open to all local community members.

For more information email