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Middle School

We prepare students to shine as bold, conscientious, and global thinkers. 

Middle School students at SD

Our Middle School teachers embrace each child's individual talents and help them envision all they can achieve and change in the world. Teachers encourage a willingness to try new things and provide them ample opportunities to do so.

At San Domenico, students are challenged, celebrated, and nurtured every day in a variety of ways. It is exciting to see students develop leadership skills in Student Council, or to see our Eco-Club members learning and sharing ways we can all help care for our environment. Our core academic curriculum, along with our co-curricular activities, helps our students develop critical-thinking skills and expands their learning.

By eighth grade, our students have gained an exceptional academic foundation and a strong sense of self and purpose. We graduate confident, aware, and ethical young people. Through our creatively taught classes and teachers' guidance in helping students find their own voices and sharpen their critical thinking, we prepare them to engage with the world as genuine, bright, and articulate citizens.

Middle School News

Day on the Green

Families, students, staff, and special friends gather as a community to celebrate another successful school year.

Books about Sleep

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Librarian Karlyn Strand recommends books on the topic of a good night’s sleep.

Curriculum Overview

Students are supported in building positive, meaningful relationships with peers and faculty.

San Domenico is proud to have one of the most extensive Digital Arts programs in the Bay Area.

Students learn to decipher text with a greater awareness of the author’s purpose and strategy.

Students build abstract thinking skills in algebra. We also offer Geometry in Eighth Grade.

PE includes soccer, basketball, tennis, water polo and swim, flag football, badminton, and more.

Our instructional model integrates inquiry within the framework of personal and societal issues.

We teach critical thinking to help students understand the role of history in the human experience.

Students learn how to understand grading, utilize teacher feedback, navigate Canvas, and more.

We teach students about natural systems from a social, spiritual, cultural, and health perspective.

We study mediums and techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, and design.

Students are exposed to Mandarin and Spanish in sixth grade, before choosing one on which to focus.

Meet the Team

Kali Baird

Kali Baird

Associate Director of Middle School, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Shari Byrnes

Shari Byrnes

Lower and Middle School Administrative Assistant
Tamar Gottlieb

Tamar Gottlieb

MS Counselor
Michael McGill

Michael McGill

Interim Head of School
LeaAnne Parlette

LeaAnne Parlette

Director of K-8
Director of Lower School and Middle School
Catherine (Catherine R.) Wise

Catherine (Catherine R.) Wise

Learning Specialist