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Welcome from LeaAnne Parlette, Director of Lower School and Middle School

LeaAnne Parlette, Director of Lower School and Middle School

As Director of our Middle School, I have the pleasure of watching students mature from children to teenagers and it is always an interesting and exciting journey.

On any given day, we have students running cross-country, practicing flag football, auditioning for the musical, riding their mountain bikes on the trails, playing the ukulele, or building chairs and toolboxes in our 3D Lab makers program. The Middle School is a dynamic place, day-in and day-out.

Our students and faculty love to be here, and we want your child to love to be here, too.

Each member of the middle school faculty loves to teach middle school-aged children. We see their joy in learning and help them envision all they can achieve and change in the world. We see their willingness to try new things, and we provide them ample opportunities to do so. And, as our students grow emotionally, physically, and intellectually, our Middle School team helps to guide them, gently pushing them to stretch and picking them up when they falter.

At San Domenico, students are challenged, celebrated, and nurtured, every day, in different ways. It is exciting to see students develop leadership skills in Student Council, or to see our Eco-Club members learning and sharing ways we can all help care for our environment. Our core academic curriculum, along with our co-curricular activities, help our students develop critical thinking skills, and expand their learning. By Eighth Grade our students have gained an exceptional academic foundation and a strong sense of self and purpose.

I encourage and invite you to explore San Domenico Middle School.

LeaAnne Parlette
Director of Lower School and Middle School

Academics in our Middle School

Middle School Student with Science TeacherSan Domenico middle school in San Anselmo graduates confident, aware, and ethical young people. Through our creatively taught classes and teachers' guidance in helping students find their own voices and sharpen their critical thinking, we prepare them to shine as bold, conscientious global thinkers, and genuine, bright, articulate citizens.

Middle School Students on a Field Trip"I definitely felt way ahead of the curve, both academically and in terms of study skills, for my high school years. San Domenico middle school in Marin County prepared me for everything I encountered in those subsequent years."

Middle School Students & Faculty

Middle School Student in Art Class

There are approximately 200 students in the middle school. The overall student/faculty ratio is 9:1. Each grade level has between 63-75 students, divided into three sections per grade in 6th and 7th grade and four sections in 8th grade. Our sections range from 18-22 students each. There are 25 faculty members, many of whom hold advanced degrees. The academic program is interactive—projects have included inventing a debate with Thomas Jefferson about the wording of the Declaration of Independence, investigating a fictional character's motivations using an iPad app, volunteering at a soup kitchen, and translating sections of a Spanish play. Learn more about our amazing Middle School faculty!

SD K-8 Fast Facts

SD K-8 Viewbook: Grow Forth


Peer into any of our classrooms and you see lively debate, well-considered discussions, and hands being eagerly raised across the room. Read more

Recent Student Achievements

2008-2020 - Top 3 for Marin County Mathletes Each Year

2012 - Top 3 in the Phillips Writing Awards

2014 - 23 Medals and 4 Trophies in the Margie Burke Speech Tournament

2015 - 1st & 2nd in the Phillips Writing Awards

2016 - Top 3 Grand Champion and 21 Medals in the Margie Burke Speech Tournament

2017 - Top 3 Grand Champion and 8 Medals in the Margie Burke Speech Tournament

2017 - Honorable Mention in Phillips Writing Contest

2020 - First Place in Regional Mathletes Competition


Learn more about our amazing Middle School faculty!


We look forward to meeting your family and introducing you to our community! Tour our campus or participate in a student visit. Plan your visit

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