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U.S. History - 1859 to 1940

The Civil War
Causes of the Civil War
John Brown's Raid at Harper's Ferry
John Brown - Abolitionist
Eyewitness Accounts
Civil War Primary Sources
Women in the Civil War
Civil War Medicine
Civil War Timeline
Civil War Links - Hundreds on many topics
Images of the American Civil War
African American Pamphlets Home Page
Civil War Battles
Slave Accounts, Abolitionists, Slavery Issues
Civil War Photographs - American Memory Project
The Assasination of Abraham Lincoln -

General Sites
Emergence of Advertising in America_ 1850 - 1920
Asian-American History Timeline
Transcontinental RailRoad
Chinese Labor and the TR

Ellis Island Home
An Immigant's Experience at Ellis Island
U.S. Immigration Laws
Immigration to the U.S.
Immigration Timeline
U.S. Immigration History
U.S. Immigration Facts & Policies
U.S. Immigration by Country & Decade
US Immigration Map By Decades - Interactive
Immigration Maps & Charts

Angel Island - Chinese Immigration
Angel Island
Angel Island Conservancy
Poetry of Angel Island Immigrants
Angel Island Poetry

The Progressive Movement & Trade Unions
Progressive Movement
Women in the Progressive Era
Alice Paul & Women's Suffrage
Jane Addams & Hull House
The 'Muckrakers'
Ida Tarbell - Progressive Journalist
Teddy Roosevelt, Conservation & The National Parks
Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressive Movement
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
The "Muckrakers" - Investigative Journalists
Ida B. Wells - Justice Crusader
The Progressive Party
Labor Union Timeline
Labor Unions History
Milestones in Labor History Slideshow

Spanish American War
Spanish-American War
Spanish-American War
Yellow Journalism and the "Press" for War
'Buffalo Soldiers' and the Rough Riders at San Juan Hill

The Great Depression
Timeline of the Great Depression
Causes of the Great Depression
The Great Depression - Causes
1930's Popular History
Dust Bowl Video
1930's Music Videos
Life During the Depression - Video
Great Depression Video
Great Depression Photos
Great Depression Topics
Great Depression Poetry
Everything 1930's
Fashion in the 1930's
Women in the Workplace
"A Women's Work" Video American Women in the 1930's
Working Women of the 1930's
Amelia Earhart
Louise Arner Boyd
Babe Didrickson
Women Working in the 1930's - Video
FDR & The New Deal
Dust Bowl Memories
Dust Bowl Photographs
Dust Bowl Photos - Ken Burns
FDR & the WPA

Jim Crow & Racism (Jim Crow Unit - Ms. Kindig's Class)

Caution to Parents: There are strong images of violence on some of these pages!
Segregation & Jim Crow
The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
What Were Jim Crow Laws?
Jim Crow Museum - Ferris St. Univ.
Separate is not Equal
Segregation in the U.S.
Segregation in America
Brown Vs. Board of Education
Chicago Race Riot Newspaper Accounts
Tulsa Race Riot of 1921
Postcards of Tulsa Race Riot Destruction
Survivors Recount the Tulsa Race Riots
Tulsa Race Riot
The Scottsboro Trials
The "Scotsboro Boys" Trial"
Dr. Sweet and his Night of Terror
Clarence Darrow & the Sweet's Murder Trial
Account of the Ossian Sweet Trial
Lynching in America - Info & Statistics
Lynching in the United States
Political 'Race' Cartoons of the 1920's
Ida B. Wells - Reformer & Crusader
KKK - Wikipedia
KKK - Southern Poverty Law Center
Ku Klux Klan
George Wallace & School Desegregation