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U.S. History - 1580 to 1858

General History Sites
American Memory Project - All subjects & time periods
Primary Sources Index - USA
Primary Documents - Yale
A People's History of the U.S. - Howard Zinn
Transportation History - U.S.
Education History
Women in War
Calendars Through the Ages
National Archives
History of Architecture & Buildings
African American Pamphlets Home Page
Asian-American History
History of Advertising
Picture Archive - N.Y. Public Library

First Contact / Early Colonial History
Roanoke Colony (LS)
Jamestown Settlement
Mayflower Voyage
Plimoth Plantation
Plymouth Colony (LS)
Colonial Williamsburg Homepage
Salem Witch Trials
Life in Colonial America (LS)
Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Life (LS)
Daily Life (LS)
Slavery in the Colonies
Colonial Education (LS)
Colonial Resources (LS)
More Colonial Links
Colonial Trades (LS)
Excerpts from Letters, Diaries, etc.
Martha Ballard's Diary (LS)

Independence & Revolutionary War
Revolutionary Timeline
Revolutionary War - American Memory Project
American Revolution (PBS)
Declaration of Independence
Battles, Biographies, Timeline
Patriots & Loyalists (LS)
Loyalists & The British Perspective
George Washington Biography
John Adams Biography
Adams Family Papers
Ben Franklin Biography
Ben Franklin - PBS
Thomas Jefferson Biography
Paul Revere Biography
Crispus Attucks Biography
Deborah Samson - Revolutionary Soldier
More Colonial Biographies

California Missions
Spanish Missions of California
California Missions
Mission Images - Calisphere
California Mission Video
Father Serra - Biography
Junipero Serra - Biography

The New Nation / War of 1812
The New Nation - 1783 -1815
The New Nation - American Memory Project
The Louisiana Purchase
Thomas Jefferson & The Louisiana Purchase
Lewis and Clark - PBS Online
Lewis & Clark Online
Lewis & Clark for Kids (LS)
War of 1812
War of 1812
Star Spangled Banner

Monroe Doctrine
Latin America & The Monroe Doctrine
The Monroe Doctrine

Westward Expansion / Mexican - American War
All About the Oregon Trail (LS)
Westward Expansion Weblinks
The West - PBS
Western Explorers
More Weblinks
The Missouri Compromise
The Kansas-Nebraska Act
The U.S. Mexican War
The U.S.-Mexican War (1846-1848)
The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo

California Gold Rush
Gold Rush - SF Museum
Gold Rush - Oakland Museum (LS)
Gold Rush Era - Sacramento Bee
Women of the Gold Rush
Gold Rush / Primary Sources - State of CA
Calisphere - Gold Rush Era Photographs