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Grade Level Web Pages (LS)

3rd Grade Science
4th Grade Science
5th Grade Science

General Science Websites

National Science Digital Library - Resources for all Sciences
Encyclopedia of Life
NASA for Students
Macauley Library of Biodiversity Audio & Video
Biodiversity Hotspots
Physics Database
Science Database
Science Journal Articles
Measuring & Converting Everything

Agriculture, Sustainability & Environmental Degradation
Sustainable Agriculture
Pesticide Action Network
Bees & Colony Collapse Disorder
Colony Collapse Disorder - EPA
Soil Contanimation & Degradation
Ways to Conserve Soil
Sustainable Farming Practices
Pacific Ocean "Gyre" - Plastic Pollution
Ocean Pollution Facts
Plastics in the Environment - What You Can Do
How You Can Help Reduce Ocean Pollution
Fracking Video
Fracking in Detail
Mining & the Environment
Ocean Acidification

Alternative Energy / Ecology
Renewable Energy
Oil spills
American Solar Energy Society
Soil Erosion
U.S. Dept of Energy
Global Warming
Blue/Greeen Alliance
Environmental Pollution
Basel Action Network News
Environmental Education for Kids (LS)
Global Sustainability Issues
Ecology Global Network


Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Solar Powered Cars
MagLev Rail system


A-Z Animals (LS)
Birds - Audobon

Chemical Elements * -
Chemical *
Elements Table
Los Alamos National Labs
Periodic Table *
Jefferson Lab- It's Elemental
Periodic Table of Videos - Nottingham Univ.
Periodic Table/Atoms Explained - Animation
Women in Chemistry
Chem Guide / Understanding Chemistry

Diseases & Disorders
Center for Disease Control - Diseases explained
Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis -
Univ. of Kansas / Medical Genetics

Drugs & Addiction
Alcohol and Drug Information for Teens

Earth Sciences
Earthquakes for Kids - USGS
Geology for Kids
Geography for Kids (LS)
Global Warming_ Early Warning Signs
Hurricanes for Kids (LS)
The Tornado Project Online!
Virtual Cave
Volcano World

Human Reproductive System
Nova Video – Life’s Greatest Miracle
Female Reproductive System
Male Reproductive System

Human Body
The Human Body
Bone Biology (LS)
KidsHealth (LS)

Life Sciences
Encyclopedia of Life
Marine Biology
Cell Websites
Cell / Organelle Table
Cell Structure Song & Video
Cells4Kids (LS)
Evolutionary Biology Link
Earth Floor Biomes
Blue Planet Biomes
Darwin Online
Galapagos Islands
Plant Database

Merck Manual
AMA - Homepage

Natural Disasters
“Top Ten” Potential Disasters
Wikipedia Disasters
10 Worst Natural Disasters
Disasters from Space / NASA

Planets & Solar System
The Nine Planets
Stanford SOLAR Center
Chabot Observatory - Oakland, Ca
Windows to the Universe
NASA Images
Phases of the Sun, Moon & Eclipses

Technology & Inventions
Leonardo Da Vinci - The Inventor
Exhibits Collection -- Amusement Park Physics
Inventors and Inventions - (LS)
Inventors & Inventions
Inventors - Wikipedia
How Stuff Works

Weather Questions
Weather 101
National Weather Service
El Nino Info
World Wind Map
Hurricanes (LS)
Hurricane Facts (LS)
Hurricane Video 2
Clouds for Kids (LS)
Cloud Types
World Weather/BBC

Women & Science
4000 Years of Women in Science
AWIS Hompage
Historia / Women in Science
American Institute of Physics
Women of NASA
Biographies of Women Scientists
Women Oceanographers
Nogales Lab - Lawrence Livermore Lab