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Eco-literacy & Sustainability at San Domenico

San Domencio School Solar Panels

Largest school solar
project in California!

Web Links
San Domenico Sustainability
Int'l. Forum on Globalization
Basel Action Network
Facing the Future
Happy Planet Index
Choosing Voluntary Simplicity
Blue/Green Alliance
Xeriscaping -
L.E.E.D. Building Standards
Sustainability - EPA
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The solar project, which is owned and operated by Recurrent Energy, is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 860,000 pounds annually as determined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

That is equivalent to removing 70 vehicles from the road, preserving 3 acres of forest from deforestation, or serving 60 U.S. households’ electricity needs.

The project requires 2,300 photovoltaic panels,spread across several roof and ground-mounted arrays offsetting nearly 85% of San Domenico’s expected annual electricity costs and reducing our carbon footprint.