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Early Man & Native Americans

Early Man
Evolution of Man
Early Hominids
Species Timeline
Hominid Species

Ice Age
Pleistocene Ice Age
Ice Age Mammals (LS)
Ice Age Causes - NOVA

Native Americans
First Peoples of Canada - All Regions
Native American Tribes (LS)
Native-American Tribal Regions
Tribes by Region
Northwest Coast
Northwest Coast (LS)
Plateau Tribes (LS)
Great Basin Tribes (LS)
Paiute - A Great Basin Tribe
Plains Indians
Eastern Woodlands (LS)
Southeast Tribes (LS)
Eastern Woodlands
California Tribes (LS)
California Indian Groups
California Indian Food & Culture
Southwest Tribes (LS)
Hopi Civilization
Pueblo Civilizations
Sub-Arctic Tribes (LS)
Arctic Tribes (LS)
Inuit Tribe
Native American Images
Native American Culture (LS)
California Native-American Tribes (Map with California tribes)
California Native-American Tribes (Brief fact cards on all California tribes)
Native American Weapons (LS)
Potlatch Feasting / Northwest Indians
Tribes of the Umatilla - NW Native Americans
Native American Homes/Shelter (LS)
The Buffalo Hunt
Native American 'Medicine Man' (LS)

California Tribes

California Native-American Tribes
California Native-American Tribe Fact Cards (LS)
Miwok (LS)
Miwok / Angel Island
Miwok / Pt. Reyes
Miwok Acorn Festival
Ohlone / Costanoan
California Chumash People (LS)
Chumash Tribe (LS)
Tribes of No. California Coast
Maidu Indians (LS)
Mojave (LS)
Pomo Tribe (LS)
Mojave Indians (LS)
Modoc Tribe (LS)
Shasta Tribe (LS)
Yokuts Tribe (LS)
Search by Region (plains, northwest coast, etc.)