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Grades 7-8 Modern Fantasy

Adams, Richard, Watership Down
The unique odyssey of rabbit warren and their efforts to survive when a construction team moves into their territory.

Anthony, Piers, The Xanth Series

• Bradbury, Ray, Dandelion Wine
The strange and wonderful world of Douglas Spalding, the supernatural and the unknown.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Bradley, Marian Zimmer, Mists of Avalon

Croggon, Alison, The Naming: The First Book of Pellinor
A young girl learns she possesses an uncanny gift and is destined to use it to save her world from evil.

Cross, Gillian, Born of the Sea
A young girl has a great adventure traveling to a lost Incas city and the Kallawaya tribe.

Farmer, Nancy, The Sea of Trolls
Kidnapped from their Saxon village by Viking berserkers, Jack and his sister face trolls, giant creatures, and enslavement.

The Warm Place
A brave band of animals helps a captured young giraffe escape from a zoo and return to "the warm place" - home in Africa.

George, Jean Craighead. Water Sky
When teenager Lincoln Stonewright flies to Barrow, Alaska, to stay with his father's Eskimo (Inupiat) friends, he finds that they believe he is the boy to whom the great whale Nukik will give itself, ending two years of unproductive whaling.

Gruber, Michael. The Witch's Boy
A retelling of classic fairy tales in a world of cruelty, beauty, legend, truth, and wonder includes a stunning new tale of a boy raised by a witch, a cat, a bear, and a demon

Hamilton, Virginia, Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush
A ghost story that explores the whys and hows of human behavior, this first-person narrative is related by a young girl, Tree, who nurses her porphyric brother through his illness and a series of visitations from their dead uncle.

Harris, Geraldine, Seven Citadels Series
A four-book heroic saga of the Galkian Empire and of Prince Kerish-lo-Taan's courageous quest to save it from destruction.
1. Prince of the Godborn- Kerish, third son of the Emperor, sets out to find the mythical savior, imprisoned behind seven gates by seven sorcerers,
who alone can save the nation Galkis.
2. The Children of the Wind- Kerish, prince of Galkis, travels through the deadly marshes of Lan-Pin-Fria to obtain the key he needs to continue
his search for the nation's savior.
3. The Dead Kingdom- Prince Kerish sails to the Dead Kingdom to fight a mad sorcerer for the fifth key in the set that will unlock the prison of the
4. The Seventh Gate- Prince Kerish is captured by the barbarians, and then enters the Forbidden Jungle in search of the last key, while Galkis
crumbles around him.

Hautman, Pete, Rash (NEW)
It is the late 21st century, when Bo Marsten is falsely accused of starting a rash in his school, and he is quickly sent to prison. Instead of serving time in jails, however, prisoners are now sold to multinational corporations as cheap labor in this futuristic satire.

Jones, Adrienne, The Hawks of Chelney
A compelling fantasy in which a wild young outcast finds solace with the hawks that obsess him and with shipwrecked girl, until the two incur the wrath of superstitious villagers.

Lee, Tanith, Black Unicorn
Bored with her lonely life as the no-talent daughter of a sorceress, Tanaquil reconstructs a live unicorn and takes off for adventure.

Le Guin, Ursula, A Wizard of Earthsea
A student magician, Ged forgets that enchantment is not entertainment and looses great evil, which pursues him until he learns to face it.

Lester, Julius. Time's Memory
Amma, the creator god, sends a young man to a plantation in Virginia where he becomes a slave on the eve of the Civil War; he is to bring peace to the both the living and the dead.

McCaffrey, Anne. Dragonsong
A young girl, struggling to be a harper in the fictitious world of Pern, is aided through her friendship with nine fire lizards.

McKinley, Robin. The Hero and the Crown
Fighting the dragon made girl-warrior Aerin a legend for all time and a true hero who would wield the power of the blue sword.

Myers, Christopher A. and Lynne Borne, Forest of the Clouded Leopard
In Borneo Kenchendai confronts himself and begins to make peace between the world of science and technology in which he lives while at school and the world of Iban mythology and spirits where he finds his "private heart."

Passey, Helen K. Speak to the Rain
The entire Indian tribe drowned in sleep, caught between two worlds, with no one to sing them across the bridge to afterlife. Years later, seventeen-year-old Janna and her nine-year-old sister, Karen, discover the lake lapping against the uneven remains of decaying totem poles and the underwater wreckage of trees and tent poles.

Pierce, Tamora. The Will of the Empress
The four mages from the Winding Circle saga, Sandry, Daja, Tris, and Briar, all grown up and apart, come together when Sandry's cousin, the brutal Empress of Namorn, has set a cunning trap.

Reaver, Chap, A Little Bit Dead
Seventeen-year-old Reece saves a Yani brave from hanging at the hands of renegade lawman only to be held accountable for the death of the would-be hanger.