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Grades 6-8 Realistic Fiction

Almond, David, Kit's Wilderness
Kit's grandfather's stories about the generations of Watsons who worked in the coal mines lead the boy and his troubled new friend underground in search of the past.

Angell, Judie, One-Way to Ansonia
Olshansky arrived in New York from Russia at age ten and married at age fourteen. To become her own person, she began her own family, ready for every challenge that life as an immigrant girl might bring her.

Armstrong, William H., Sounder
A family of southern black sharecroppers shows incredible marrow as they are cast in a lowly role by white society.

Bagnold, Enid, National Velvet
A 14-year old girl rides her piebald horse in the Grand National.

Barrett, William, Lilies of the Field
A young black man stops to help a group of nuns and ends up building a church.

Benedict, Dorothy Potter, Pagan the Black

Banks, Lynne Reid, The Indian in the Cupboard (6-9)

Birdsal, Jeanne The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy (NEW)
An enjoyable tale of four sisters, a new friend, and his snooty mother is rollicking fun.

Bjork, Christina, Linnea in Monet's Garden
A young girl travels to Paris and explores Monet's paintings, gardens, and life.

Bunting , Eve, The Happy Funeral
A young Chinese American girl's grandfather dies. The family observes many traditional customs.

Bunting, Eve, Someone is Hiding on Alcatraz Island
Hiding out in the abandoned prison on Alcatraz Island, Danny hopes he is safe from the gang that is stalking him. But no one has ever escaped from Alcatraz alive. Will death be the only way out for Danny?

Burch, Robert, Queenie Peavy
A rebellious, self-defeating thirteen-year-old comes to terms with her father's undependability and learns to face life's reality.

Burnett, Frances Hodgson, A Little Princess
Sara Crewe arrived at the London boarding house like a little princess. A misfortune left her penniless and alone but her spirit never waned.

Byars, Betsy, The 18th Emergency

Byars, Betsy, The Pinballs
Three kids - all sent to live with foster parents - and all wishing they were back in their old homes.

Byars, Betsy, The Summer of the Swans
Searching for her retarded ten-year- old brother in the woods, a fourteen-year-old girl finds maturity.

Cleary, Beverly, Dear Mr. Henshaw
Leigh Botts, "The new kid in school," pours his heart out in letters to his favorite author, Mr. Henshaw.

Cleary, Beverly, Lady Ellen Grae

Cleary, Beverly, Queen of Hearts

Cohen, Barbara, Thank You, Jackie Robinson
Davy, a black cook, has taken fatherless Sam to many baseball games.

Cole, Brock, The Goats
Targets of a cruel prank at summer camp, Laura and Howie, two young teenagers, run away and soon find themselves facing danger and adventure.

Collier, James Lincoln, When the Stars Begin to Fall
A Young boy, bucking the town's judgment of "white trash," courageously fights a major industrial polluter of their dying river.

Cresswell, Helen, Ordinary Jack
The first part of the Bagthorpe saga. In a family of madly achieving geniuses, Jack's burgeoning inferiority complex is taken in hand by his uncle, who dreams up a scheme whereby Jack will become the family prophet - with broadly comic results.

Danziger, Paula, The Cat Ate My Gymsuit
Marcy has problems - with her parents, her social life and her weight.

DeJong, Meindert, The Wheel on the School

de Saint-Exupery, Antoine, The Little Prince
The enchanting fable of a pilot, forced down in the desolate Sahara, who meets a most extraordinary small person.

Dicamillo, Kate, Because of Winn-Dixie
India Opal, a motherless preacher's daughter, is lonely in her new Florida home until a scraggly, smiling, stray mutt enters her life and together they win over the town.

Donavan, John, Family
A group of laboratory apes escape to form a family in the wild until forced to throw themselves on the mercy of humankind

Enright, Elizabeth, The Saturdays
Funn and adventure begin on Saturdays when the four Melendy children from the Independent Saturday Afternoon Adventure Club.

Fine, Anne, Flour Babies
A school project that involves caring for a six-pound sack of flour as if it were a baby helps Simon put his life into perspective - why his father left and how strong his mom is, raising him alone.

Fitzgerald, John, The Great Brain
The exploits and schemes of ten-year-old Tom Fitzgerald, The Great Brain, the shrewdest con artist west of the Mississippi during the early 1900's.

Fitzhugh, Louise, Harriet the Spy
This all-time favorite book makes children laugh out loud! Harriet M. Welsch's secret notebook, filled with hilarious observations about parents, friends, and neighbors, is found by her classmates - to their anger and Harriet's rue.

Fitzhugh, Louise, Nobody's Family Is Going to Change

Fleishman, Sid, Humbug Mountain
In a rip-roaring tall tale set in the Old West, Wiley, Glorietta, and their parents outwit a crafty steamboat captain and rescue their grandfather from some nasty outlaws.

Fox, Paula, One-Eyed Cat
Eleven-year-old Ned shoots a forbidden gun just once on a moonlit night and then is haunted by a guilty fear. Was it his shot that wounded the one-eye cat?

Fusco, Kimberly Tending to Grace (NEW)
A story of the rejected kid who finds a family with a rough solitary older adult, this quiet, beautiful first novel makes the search for home a searing drama.

Gantos, Jack, Joey Pigza Loses Control
Having gotten his hyperactivity in hand at last, Joey visits his father and discovers an adult version of his off-kilter self.

George, Jean Craighead, My Side of the Mountain
Story of a young boy's adventures in the Catskill Mountains.

George Jean Craighead, The Talking Earth
Billie Wind ventures out alone into the Florida Everglades to test the legend of her Indian ancestors and learns the importance of listening to the earth's vital messages.

Gipson, Fred, Old Yeller
Travis gets help from a big, ugly, yellow dog.

Godden Rumer, An Episode of Sparrows
In post-war London, two street-tough children build a hidden garden, awakening hidden courage and profoundly disrupting the neighborhood.

Goldschmidt, Judy, Will the Real Raisin Rodriguez Please Stand Up? (NEW)
Raisin Rodriguez anticipates a happy Christmas reunion in Berkeley with her father and former best friends, Claudia and Pia. Still blogging her way through 7th grade at light speed, Raisin now has a boyfriend--cinnamon-scented, tongue-tied CJ--and solid friends in her new-ish home in Philadelphia, but realizes soon after her arrival in California that things have changed since she has been gone.

Grant, Vicki, Pigboy (NEW)
Dan Hogg's school trip to a heritage farm--where taunts about his last name are funny to everyone but him--goes from miserable to dangerous when an escaped convict appears.

Green, Constance, Al(exandra) The Great
When faced with giving up a summer in the country to stay in the hot, sticky city with her ailing mother, Al must decide between doing what she wants and doing what is right.

Green, Constance, A Girl Called Al
The warm and humorous account of pigtailed, pudgy Al and her friendship with the girl down the hall.

Green, Constance, I Know You, Al
Al and her best friend face the pitfalls of advancing adolescence

Green, Constance, Your Old Pal, Al
Indomitable Al must come to terms with her anxieties about friendship, boys and her father's new family.

Green, Constance C., Beat the Turtle Drum
Kate's world is turned upside down when her beloved young sister dies in a freak accident.

Greene, Bette, Summer of My German Soldier
In this sensitive novel set in a small southern town during World War II, a Jewish girl helps a German prisoner of war escape.

Greenfield, Eloise, Sister
A 13-year old black girl, fearing she will drift away from her mother, finds herself while reading her sister's diary.

*Haddon, Mark the curious incident of the dog in the night-time (new)
A murder mystery of sorts--one told by an autistic fifteen-year-old.

Hale, Janet Campbell, The Owl's Song
Billy White Hawk grew up on the reservation hoping to find his future in the ways of this people. Though an experience of violence and tragedy drives him to the city where he faces a fight for survival, Billy's hopes remain the same.

Hamilton, Virginia, The Planet of Junior Brown
The powerfully original story of friendship among a troubled teenage pianist, a street-wise classmate, and a janitor who constructs a 10-planet revolving solar system in their secret retreat.

Hamilton, Virginia, House of Dies Drear
A young black boy unravels the mystery of an enormous old Ohioan house which once played an important part in the Underground Railway.

Henry, Marguerite, King of the Wind
The story of the ancestor of Man O'War and an Arab stable boy's love for him.

Hillerman, Tony, Dance Hall of the Dead

Holman, Felice, Slake's Limbo
Hounded by fear and misfortune, 15-year old slake retreats to the New York subway system where he ingeniously survives.

Howe, James, 13 : Thirteen Stories that Capture the Agony and Ecstasy of Being Thirteen (NEW)
In this wide-ranging collection, familiar authors for young adults contribute short fiction about 13-year-old characters who are experiencing bewildering feelings, making discoveries, or undergoing the embarrassments typical of the age. Each contribution closes with a painfully awkward photograph of the author at 13, a wonderful reminder that the authors, too, shared the pain.

Hunt, Irene, Up a Road Slowly
A beautiful and memorable story of a girl's coming of age.

Hunter, Mollie, A Stranger Came Ashore
The Selkie Legend is woven into an exciting tale of a seal-man's entrance into the lives of lovely Elspeth and her protective younger brother, Robbie.

Hurwitz, Johanna, The Rabbi's Girls

Ishigo, Estelle, Lone Heart Mountain

Jaffe, Michele, Bad Kitty (NEW)
While vacationing with her family in Las Vegas, seventeen-year-old Jasmine stumbles upon a murder mystery that she attempts to solve with the help of her friends, recently arrived from California. It isn't long before Jas and her three vacation-crashing friends are embroiled in a mystery involving a famous model, her family, and a three-legged cat.

Klise, Kate, Regarding the Bathrooms : A Privy to the Past (NEW)
In this novel told through letters, newspaper articles, and police reports, a middle school principal's bathroom renovation project leads to the discovery of stolen Roman antiquities.

Konigsburg, E.L., About the B'nai Bagels
A humorous tale of Mark Setzer beset by Bar Mitzvah study and aggravated at his mother becoming manager of his Little League baseball team.

Konigsburg, E.L., From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
The story of a brother and sister who run away from home to New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Konigsburg, E.L., Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth
Elizabeth, new to town and lonely, is befriended by Jennifer, a classmate who pretends to be a witch.

Korman, Gordon, Abduction (Kidnapped, Book 1) (NEW)
Aiden teams up with the FBI to track down his sister Meg who was kidnapped while they were walking home from school.

Krumgold, Joseph, And Now Miguel (6-8)
A wish dominates Miguel Chavez: that he may be allowed to go to the mountains with the men of the family and their herds.

Lampman, Evelyn S., The Potlatch Family
Looked down on by her classmates, a Chinook Indian girl gains a new outlook when her brother returns from Vietnam

Lee, Marie G., Finding My Voice
Ellen Sung, the only Korean-American student in a small school, must deal with prejudice from some of her classmates and pressure from her strict
parents to follow her scholarly older sister to Harvard.

L'Engle, Madeleine, Troubling a Star
A young girl unwittingly becomes involved in high-risk political and ecological intrigue, set against the starkly beautiful background of Antarctica.

Lowry, Lois, A Summer to Die
Thirteen-year-old Meg relates the story of her older sister's death from leukemia.

Lowry, Lois, Anastasia Krupnik (4-6)

Lowry, Lois, Anastasia at Your Service
Anastasia's thoughts of earning money during the summer vacation literally go down the drain when, on her first day as a maid, she mangles a sterling silver spoon in the Bellingham's garbage disposal.

Lowry, Lois, Anastasia Ask Your Analyst
Anastasia's parents insist she's normal and won't send her to an analyst, and so, Anastasia buys a bust of Freud and conducts private sessions with
her "Shrink."

Lowry, Lois, Anastasia Again
When Anastasia's parents want to move to the suburbs from their apartment, she enlists her two-year-old brother to prevent the move.

Lowry, Lois, Anastasia On Her Own
Thirteen-year-old Anastasia is confident that she can run the household while her mother is out of town - until she runs into some hilarious

Lupica, Michael, Heat (NEW)
When Michael Arroyo is on the baseball diamond, everything feels right. He's a terrific pitcher who dreams of leading his South Bronx All-Stars to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.

Martel, Yann, Life of Pi (NEW)
An extraordinary tale of a teenager in India, where his father is a zoo keeper. Deciding to immigrate to Canada, his father sells off most of the zoo animals, electing to bring a few along with the family on their voyage to their new home.

Mass, Wendy, A Mango-Shaped Space (NEW)
Combining an engaging main character, a medical mystery, and a special pet make this novel a must-read for all who are sure their life is stranger than anyone else's.

Mathis, Sharon B., The Hundred Penny Box
A hundred-year-old woman recalls people and places from her past as her sympathetic young grandnephew counts out pennies from her box, one for each year.

Merrill, Jean, The Pushcart War
A seriocomic tale of a war between; the truck drivers and pushcart men on the streets of New York City.

Montgomery, L.M., Chronicles of Avonlea
Anne of Green Gables - Book 1
Anne of Avonlea - Book 2
Anne of the Island - Book 3
Anne of Windy Poplars -Book 4
Anne's House of Dreams - Book5
Anne of Ingleside - Book 6

Morey, Walt, Gentle Ben

Mowat, Farley, Owls in the Family
Owls Wol and Weeps turn a household upside down, outwit a dog with the dignity of Mutt and shake up a neighborhood.

Murphy, Barbara Beasley, Fly like an Eagle
Ace's father decides to take a cross-country journey to learn more about his birth parents - and he wants Ace to come along.

Myracle, Lauren, Twelve (NEW)
Winnie relates the events of her twelfth year and the many changes in her relationships and in her attitude toward growing up.

Napoli, Donna Jo, Bound (NEW)
Xing Xing is a Japanese orphan living with her stepmother and stepsister. She is a beautiful, honest, and intelligent young woman who will come to decide her own fate, but not at the expense of others. This is a Cinderella story steeped in Eastern culture and mysticism that you will treasure and ponder."

Neville, Emily C., It's Like This, Cat

O'Dell, Scott, Alexandra
A young sponge diver is determined to expose those who had used her sponges to smuggle drugs.

O'Dell, Scott, Black Star, Bright Dawn
A young Eskimo girl takes her father's place in the most challenging dogsled race in the world.

Paterson, Katherine, Bridge to Terabithia
Jess and Leslie, two unlikely friends, share an imagined world until one drowns, leaving the other to cope with the sadness and loss in a poignant, perceptive tale.

Paterson, Katherine, The Great Gilly Hopkins
A rebellious and unmanageable foster child learns the true meaning of love and family.

Paterson, Katherine, Park's Quest
Eleven-year-old Park makes some startling discoveries when he travels to his grandfather's farm in Virginia to learn about this father who died in the Vietnam War.

Patton, Frances Gray, Good Morning, Miss Dove

Paulsen, Gary, Canyons
Two boys, separated by the canyons of time and two vastly different cultures, face the challenges by which they become men.

Paulsen, Gary, The Crossing
The story of an orphan struggling to survive amidst appalling poverty on the streets of Juarez, Mexico, and his plan to cross the border for a better life in America.

Paulsen, Gary, Dogsong
Inspired by an Eskimo shaman, Russell takes a dog team and sled to escape the modern ways of his village and to find this "song" of himself.

Peck Robert Newton, Arly

Pfeffer, Susan Beth, A Year Without Michael
Somewhere between home and ballfield, Jody's brother Michael disappeared.

Peck Robert Newton, A Day No Pigs Would Die
The story of growing up on a Shaker farm touches with simplicity the whole cycle of life and death.

Peck Richard, The Ghost Belonged to Me
This comic but hair-raising ghost story sports a cast of individualistic characters in a turn-of-the century Midwestern town.

Peet, Mal Keeper (NEW)
An interview between a South American sports reporter and the world's best soccer goalkeeper, the now 30-year-old "El Gato" relates how he developed his skills, achieved great fame, and won the coveted World Cup.

Porter, Eleanor H., Pollyanna

Radkin, Ellen, The Westing Game

Rawls, Wilson, Where the Red Fern Grows
A young boy's dogs win the gold cup in a contest, but tragedy strikes.

Ritter, John, The Boy Who Saved Baseball (NEW)
A baseball tale of legendary dimension, featuring several larger-than-life characters and a team of ordinary young folk tackling a seemingly insurmountable challenge in defense of a worthy cause.

Rockwell, Thomas, How to Eat Fried Worms
A 10-year-old hopes that worms can be delicious, since he has just made a bet that he'll eat fifteen.

Ruckman, Ivy, Night of Twisters
Several twisters hit and devastate Grand Island, Nebraska.

Ryan, Pam Munoz, Esperanza Rising
A young girl living a privileged life in Mexico must suddenly flee to California to a farm workers' camp.

Sachs, Marilyn, The Bear's House
A fourth grader, who loses herself in a make-believe world, knows how to care for her baby sister.

Sebestyen, Ouida, On Fire (sequel to Words by Heart)

Sebestyen, Ouida, Words by Heart
A touching portrait of a young black girl who vows to win a Bible-quoting contest. But winning brings violence and death for the one she loves most dearly.

Sensel, Joni, Reality Leak (NEW)
Mysterious train noises and explosions baffle the residents of South Wiggot. 11 year-old Bryan and his friend Spot try to connect the strange happenings with the town's newest industry and its president, Mr. Keen. The two friends learn that Mr. Keen is actually trying to patch a dangerous "reality leak " and they finally join forces to save the town,

Sewell, Anna, Black Beauty
Most famous of all animal stories, uniquely told from Beauty's point of view.

Smith, Dodie, I Capture the Castle (NEW)
Seventeen-year-old Cassandra Mortmain wants to become a writer. Trouble is, she's the daughter of a once-famous author with a severe case of writer's block.

Snyder, Zilpha Kealey, The Egypt Game
Eleven-year-old April and her friend, Melanie, become intrigued with ancient Egypt and invent a game, which soon culminates in the capture of a very real criminal.

Sorenson, Virginia, Plain Girl

Steinbeck, John, The Pearl
A poor Mexican fisherman finds a pearl beyond price and tragedy follows.

Taylor, Mildred, The Gold Cadillac
Two northern black girls encounter shattering racial prejudice when they move to the South.

Taylor, Theodore, The Trouble With Tuck
A young girl trains her blind dog to follow and trust a seeing-eye companion dog.

Wojciechowska, Maia, Shadow of a Bull
Everyone expected Manolo to be the greatest bullfighter in Spain, like his father; only Manolo knew himself for a coward.

Wrightson, Patricia, A Racecourse for Andy (6-8)
Sydney, Australia, is the setting for this story about mentally retarded Andy who buys the local racetrack from a bottlepicker.

*Yee, Lisa, Millicent Min, Girl Genius (NEW)
In a series of journal entries, eleven-year-old Millicent Min records her struggles to learn to play volleyball, tutor her enemy, deal with her grandmother's departure, and make friends over the course of a tumultuous summer.

Yep, Laurence, Child of the Owl (6-8)
In San Francisco's Chinatown, Casey must live with her grandmother.

Yep, Laurence, Dragonwings
This story portrays the rich traditions of the Chinese community as it made its way in a hostile new world.