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Grades 6-8 Mystery Suspense

Colfer, Eoin, Half-Moon Investigations (NEW)
Twelve-year-old Fletcher Moon, the youngest qualified private detective in the world, receives a diploma and gold-plated detective's shield after completing an Internet course, and sets out to solve petty crimes at school, but he forced to go on the run when, while investigating the town's biggest crime family, his badge is stolen and he is framed for several crimes he did not commit.

Gordon, Amy, Return to Gill Park (NEW)
When thirteen-year-old Willy Wilson returns to Gloria to enroll in Gill Park Gallery School, he finds himself in the middle of a politically backed struggle to save the park. He discovers, however, that taking care of the park is not easy. Vandalism is an ongoing problem, and developers continue to cast greedy eyes at the property. At the story's center is a mystery: Willy and his friends follow clues left behind by Mr. Pettingil, with a promised treasure at the end of the hunt.

Haddix Peterson, Margaret, Double Identity (NEW)
Thirteen-year-old Bethany’s parents have always been overprotective, but when they suddenly drop out of sight with no explanation, leaving her with an aunt she never knew existed, Bethany uncovers shocking secrets that make her question everything she thought she knew about herself and her family

Joyce, Gilda, Ladies of the Lake (NEW)
Having earned a scholarship to a private girls' high school, self-proclaimed psychic investigator Gilda Joyce investigates the circumstances surrounding the drowning death of a student whose ghost supposedly haunts the campus.

Richards, Justin, The Death Collector (NEW)
Three teens and a curator of unclassified artifacts at the British Museum match wits with a madman determined to use unorthodox methods to reanimate the dead, both humans and dinosaurs.

Springer, Nancy, The Case of the Left-handed Lady : an Enola Holmes Mystery (NEW)
Pursued by her much older brother, famed detective Sherlock Holmes, fourteen-year-old Enola, disguised and using false names, attempts to solve the kidnapping of a baronet's sixteen-year-old daughter in nineteenth-century London.