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Grades 6-8 Folklore& Mythology

Aesop, Aesop's Fables

Anansi the Spider: A Tale from the Ashanti

Abjornsen and Moe, East of the Sun & West of the Moon and Other Tales

Baker, Olaf, Where the Buffaloes Begin (5-8)
Little Wolf seeks the lake where buffaloes begin and ends with a wild night ride to save his people

Blair, Walter, Tall Tale America (4-6)

Bawden, Nina, William Tell

Belting, Natalia, Whirlwind Is a Ghost Dancing (5-9)

Bryan, Ashley, Beat the Story Drum, Pum-Pum (5-6)—Five Nigerian folktales

Courlander, Harold and George Herzog, The Cowtail Switch and Other West African Folktales

Fisher, Anne B., Stories California Indians Told (5-9)

Gates, Doris, The Golden God: Apollo

Gates, Doris, Two Queens of Heaven: Aphrodite and Demeter

Gates, Doris, The Warrior Goddess: Athena

Hamilton, Virginia, In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the World (5-8)

Hastings, Selina, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Guy, Rosa, Mother Crocodile

Highwater, Jamake, Anpao: An American Indian Odyssey (6-9)

Hillerman, Tony, The Boy Who Made Dragonfly (~9)

Kroeber, Theodora, The Island Whale: Nine Stories Retold from California Indian Legends (6-9)

Merrill, Jean, The Superlative Horse

Montgomery, Jean, Wrath of Coyote (6-9)

Pattou, Edith East (NEW!)
An interpretation of the Nordic folktale East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

Reeves, James, 'The Trojan Horse (5-6)

Sewell, H. and Thomas Bulfinch, A Book of Myths

Shulevitz, Uri, The Magician

Spinner, Stephanie Quicksilver (NEW!)
Fictional retelling of Greek mythology.