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Grades 6-8 Classics

*Burnett, Frances Hodgson, The Secret Garden
Mary and Colin, a self-centered girl and a pampered invalid boy, learn compassion and generosity within the walls of an abandoned garden.

Hodges, Margaret, Merlin and the Making of the King
A retelling of three Arthurian legends

*Kipling, Rudyard, Just So Stories
Imaginative fables from Africa and India with the author's own illustrations.

*Spyri, Johanna, Heidi
This 1996 edition presents the original text of the story of Heidi, the little girl who is taken from the city to live with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps. She meets Peter, the goatherd; Peter's family; Clara, who is confined to a wheelchair; and others. The text is enhanced with margin captions and pictures that explain the history, geography, culture, and customs of the time and setting of the story.

Stevenson, Robert Louis, Treasure Island

Tolkien, J. R. R., The Hobbit
Bilbo Boggins, the hobbit, encounters many adventures when he is persuaded to join a band of dwarfs on an expedition to recover stolen treasure hidden by a thieving dragon.

*Twain, Mark, The Prince and the Pauper
When young beggar Tom Canty and Edward Tudor, The Prince of Wales, discover that they look exactly alike, they exchange their clothing as a joke. But the game ends when the castle guards mistake the prince for the beggar and drive Edward out into the streets.

Wyss, Johanna, Swiss Family Robinson
The classic tale of a shipwrecked family cast upon a desert island who build a tree house and survive so cleverly and happily apart from the world that they never want to be rescued.