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Grades 6-8 Adventure and Survival

Wither, Pam, Peak Survival (NEW)
Jake, Peter, and Moses, looking forward to heli-skiing and snowboarding in the backcountry near Whistler, spring into crisis mode when bad weather sets in, a helicopter crashes, and they must get everyone to safety.

Gross, Philip, The Lastling (NEW)
While hunting for rare and endangered species with her uncle in the Himalayas, fourteen-year-old Paris learns about humanity and friendship from Tahr, a twelve-year-old Buddhist monk who is trying to protect a young yeti.

Smith, Roland, Peak (NEW)
Peak, as his name might indicate, is a natural-born climber. When he's apprehended four feet from the top of the Woolworth Building, he's rescued from juvenile hall by his estranged father, a noted climber. The two set out on an attempt to climb Everest. Seen through Peak's first-person narration, this gripping story pulls no punches about the toll Everest exacts on body and psyche alike.

Smelcer, John, The Trap (NEW)
In alternating chapters, seventeen-year-old Johnny Least-Weasel, who is better known for brains than brawn, worries about his missing grandfather, and the grandfather, Albert Least-Weasel, struggles to survive, caught in his own steel trap in the Alaskan winter.