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Social Justice

The following links will take you to articles with information about DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in the United States. In addition to information, the articles provide suggestions for getting involved to help the Dreamers. (The term “Dreamers” refers to the roughly 800,000 individuals enrolled in the DACA program created by the Dream Act Bill.) There are many more resources on the web but the links below are a good starting point.

Jesuit magazine, America, outlining ways you can help support Dreamers and providing information about Dreamers.

United We Dream, this is the largest immigrant youth group in the nation. They work on justice for immigrants and the site provides resources and ideas for social justice action.

Bustle News, “7 Ways to Help Dreamers Get the Support They Need”

Canal Alliance is a local non-profit in San Rafael that provides services to support immigrants. Volunteer opportunities