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5th Grade Online Resources

Colonial America
Colonial Williamsburg
Life in Colonial America
Daily Life
Slavery in the Colonies
Colonial Resources
More Colonial Links
Colonial Trades
Excerpts from Letters, Diaries, etc.
Martha Ballard's Diary

US Constitution
The Constitution
The Constitution Explained

World Religions (Ms. Ghazi's Class)
BBC - World Religions
World Religions for Kids
Major World Religions

Explorers Websites
Christopher Columbus:

John Cabot

Juan Ponce de León

Hernan Cortésán-Cortés/273823

Jacques Cartier

Francisco Vasques de Coronado

Henry Hudson

Robert de la Salle

Harriet Tubman

Fredrick Douglas

Thomas Garrett / William Still / Samuel Burris / Abraham & Marty Shadd / Henry Craig / Dr. Bartholomew Fussell / Phoebe Myers / Ann Matthews / Samuel Green

Frances Ellen Walkins Harper

William Still

U.S. History (Ms. Noble's Class)
Slave Trade - BBC
Slaves to America
Triangular Trade
Declaration of Independence Video
Revolutionary War Timeline
Revolutionary War - PBS
The Oregon Trail
Lewis & Clark
Lewis & Clark - PBS
Transcontinental Railroad History
Transcontinental RR – Chinese Laborers
Causes of the Civil War
Civil War Topics
Civil War Video
Harriet Tubman & The Underground Railroad - Video
Underground Railroad Poem & Video
The Great Depression
The Great Depression
Great Depression Timeline

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Digital History
Jackie Robinson Video
Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit-ins Video
Rosa Parks Video
Martin Luther King Jr. Video
"I Have a Dream"Speech - Excerpt
Civil Rights Video
Civil Rights Walk of Fame
Civil Rights Image Database

Ruby Bridges Videos
Ruby Bridges (2 min.)
Walk a Mile in These Shoes (4 min.)
Ruby Bridges Interviewed by Student (6 min.)

U.S. States -States and Capitals
U.S. States