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4th Grade Online Resources

California Facts, History, Geography
CA State Facts
CA Geography & More
California Bio-Regions
"The Golden State"
Famous Californians
California History, Economy, Climate
CA Fast Facts Video

California Gold Rush (Gold Rush Web Activity)
Gold Rush For Kids

The California Gold Rush
Gold Fever - Oakland Museum

The Journey to California
James Marshall
Sam Brannan
Life as a Forty-Niner
Women in the Gold Rush
Miners Letter home
Gold Rush Diary
Letters From the 49ers
Gold Rush / Primary Sources - State of CA
Calisphere - Gold Rush Era Photographs

Gold Rush Video
Gold Rush Video

Mr. Hopper's Educreations

Civil Rights Videos
Jackie Robinson Video
Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit-ins Video
Rosa Parks Video
Martin Luther King Jr. Video
I Have a Dream Speech - Excerpt
Civil Rights Video

Ruby Bridges Videos
Ruby Bridges (2 min.)
Walk a Mile in These Shoes (4 min.)
Ruby Bridges Interviewed by Student (6 min.)

Civil Rights
Civil Rights Digital History
Civil Rights Walk of Fame
Civil Rights Image Database

California Missions
Spanish Missions of California
California Missions

Mission Images - Calisphere
Father Serra - Biography
Junipero Serra - Biography

California Native-American Tribes
California Native-American Tribe Fact Cards
Miwok / Angel Island
Miwok / Pt. Reyes
Miwok Acorn Festival
Ohlone / Costanoan
California Chumash People
Chumash Tribe
Tribes of No. California Coast
Maidu Indians
Pomo Tribe
Mojave Indians
Modoc Tribe
Shasta Tribe
Yokuts Tribe

Catholic Saints & Holy People
Popular Saints
Saints for Kids
4th Grade Saints & Holy People

Early California Explorers
Explorer Fact Cards
Explorer Biographies
Explorers for Kids
Explorer Profiles
Father Junipero Serra