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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look for a book or video in the library's collection?

Click on the Library Catalog link at the top of the library homepage. This will take you to the "Find" or search box for our Library Catalog. Enter a book title, author or keyword.

How do I get the User Names (UN) and Passwords (PW) necessary to access the school's Online Databases?

Contact the Library if you are a San Domenico student, family member or alumni.

Can family members of students check out books and videos from the library?

Yes! Any family member can set up a Parent/Family account and check books out for their student or for themselves.

Is reference service available online?

Yes. if you need reference help just contact the Library with your query.

Can I get help learning how to use the online databases?

Yes, I teach online database use to students during the year and will gladly meet with any student for a one-to-one tutorial. At least once a year, I offer a 'Web-Searching' tutorial for parents, and am available to meet with you individually if you are unable to attend the workshop.