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Big Six Research Model

The "Big Six" research model is an easy-to-understand guide for conducting research on ANY topic. Once you learn the basics of the Big 6 you will have an understanding of how to conduct research in an efficient and consistent manner.

The Big6 was developed by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz and is the most widely known and widely used approach to teaching information and technology skills in the world.

1. Task Definition

Define your task by writing a thesis statement or defining the scope of your research. Before proceeding, take some time to think about what kinds of information you will need.

2. Information Seeking Strategies

Determine where and how you will find the information you are seeking. (library, world wide web,
books, online, interviews, videos, etc.

3. Location and Access

Locate the sources and access the information.

4. Use of Information

Read, listen, watch, and interview to gather information and then extract what is relevant to your thesis statement in abbreviated (summarized) form. Collect all necessary citation information.

5. Synthesis

Organize your notes and prepare an outline for your presentation or report. Consider what kind of visual aids you will need (maps, charts, tables, photos, presentation software, etc). Create a works cited page.

6. Evaluation

Ask for input on your end product and evaluate your own work. With your classmates, assess the project and determine how the research process could be improved for future work.