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San Domenico Spirit

Find your path!

Here at SD, a wide range of electives allows students K-12 to begin exploring, or master, curricular and co-curricular interests and passions. Maybe you've always dreamed of being a scientist, or pianist, or filmmaker, or mathematician...our School is a great place to start or excel. The following list includes just some of the many electives at San Domenico:

Middle School Electives

Music (Strings, Wind, Brass, Percussion, and Vocals)
3D Lab
Study Hall

Upper School Electives

American Romanticism
Literature of Rebellion
Utopias & Dystopias: Literature on the Future
Europe and the Modern World
Issues in American Democracy: 2016 Campaign Edition
International Relations: Politics and Religion in the Modern Middle East
Calculus/Calculus Honors
Multivariable Calculus
Music Appreciation and Performance
San Domenico Singers
San Domenico Camerata
Chamber Music, Piano Ensemble, Flute Choir or Classical Guitar Ensemble
Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra
Virtuoso Program
Orchestra da Camera
Advanced Vocal Ensemble
SD Rocks
Raise Your Voice!
Theatre 1/2/3/4/ Honors
Theatre: Directing
Theatre: Technical
Dance 1/2/3/4
Philosophy and Tragedy
Ensemble: Chamber Music, Piano Ensemble, Flute Choir or Classical Guitar Ensemble
Religion and the Arts
Theater as a Way to Engage in Civil Discourse
Environmental Science
Introduction to Engineering
Ceramics 1/2/3/4
Drawing and Painting 1/2/3
Photography 1 and 2
Three Dimensional Studies 1 and 2
Public Art: Controversy, Interpretation and Implementation
Advanced Art: Independent Study
Spanish 1/2/3/4
Mandarin 1/2/3/4
Film/Video Production 1 and 2

Advanced Placement

English Language and Composition
English Literature and Composition
US History
Calculus (AB / BC)
Music Theory
Environmental Science
Physics: Mechanics
Art: Studio Placement