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San Domenico has a vigorous Counseling Department, reflecting the School's commitment to educating the 'whole student.' We offer on-campus support and programs that enhance the overall health and wellness of our students and families through a focus on social and emotional learning (SEL). Our team of counselors is on staff full time, providing a wide range of wellness resources, as well as mental health services (including one-on one guidance, problem solving, and access to outside resources; they do not provide formal psychotherapy), and student and parent educational programs.

The Counseling Department includes the Lower School Counseling Office (serving grades K to 5), the Middle School Counseling Office (serving grades 6-8) and the Upper School Counseling Office (serving grades 9-12). For more information about the specific services they each offer, please click on the corresponding tabs.

Lower School Counseling Office
Middle School Counseling Office
Upper School Counseling Office

Parent Education Network (PEN)