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College Counseling

Let your interests and sense of purpose guide your future.

College Counseling

At San Domenico, our college counseling program focuses on encouraging independence and accountability while connecting each student’s individual interests and sense of purpose with an appropriate post-secondary plan. We believe that the college application process can be a confidence-building experience that promotes self-reflection and individual growth, when approached with the mindset of finding an appropriate academic, social, and emotional fit for each unique student. For this reason, our core values—Study, Reflection, Service, and Community—are mindfully incorporated in our discussions about life after San Domenico. 

Our comprehensive program guides each student through a mindful process of self-advocacy, identification of interests, and goal-setting. Each step of the way, students are encouraged to embrace their curiosity and seek academic and extracurricular challenges that will shine a light on their potential and their unique stories.

Our college counselors actively serve as a resource for all San Domenico Upper School students, and empower them to drive their college search and become better communicators and decision-makers in the process. Self-advocacy is highly encouraged as students discern interests and abilities, set goals, and engage in purposeful research. Each step of the way, we encourage students to embrace their curiosity and earnestly seek academic and extracurricular challenges that will highlight their personal interests.

SmartTrack College Funding
College Funding Resources

The SMARTTRACK® College Funding High School Initiative provides our families with free resources to help you plan ahead and pay less for college. This program is tailored for families who hold U.S. citizenship or Permanent Residence. 

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Year-by-Year Overview

College Acceptances

Mindful college planning is a natural extension of each student’s education at San Domenico. We believe that the true value of education is not simply knowledge gained, but what one does with that knowledge to make the world a better place. As students prepare for their post-secondary education, they understand that identifying the right college fit has everything to do with their own personal journey.

With San Domenico’s combination of rigorous academics, award-winning visual and performing arts, competitive athletics, and extensive extracurricular and service-learning opportunities, we graduate students who are well prepared for the future, whatever it may bring.

 * Bold = matriculation

College Admission Collaboration

Our college counseling office hosts admissions representatives from more than 80 colleges and universities across the United States and beyond, giving our students the opportunity to learn about individual colleges directly from their admissions teams. Additionally, our college counselors foster relationships with college admissions offices through regular college campus tours and attendance at national conferences. As a result, colleges across the country learn about our distinctive programs, and our counselors gain insights into post-secondary educational opportunities and trends.

Meet the Team

Sierra Anderson

Sierra Anderson

Titles: Co-Director of College Counseling
Melissa Martin

Melissa Martin

Titles: Co-Director of College Counseling