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Exceptional education and a sense of purpose.

Exceptional Academics

"Through study, reflection, community, and service; through big questions, healthy debate, and thought-provoking conversations, San Domenico students graduate as confident scholars of the world, able to identify their purpose, and passion, thereby meeting and exceeding the academic competencies required for success in college and beyond."
Kate Reeser, Assistant Head for Academics

At San Domenico, we believe that an exceptional education requires not just academic excellence but also the cultivation of meaning and purpose. San Domenico students graduate as academic scholars who embody a strong sense of personal purpose, and they choose colleges, universities, or other post-secondary options that help them continue to develop as scholars and as individuals. 

As a K-12 college preparatory independent school that values innovation, excellence in education, and the social and emotional well being of our students, we continually evolve to meet the needs of our times, leading the way in redefining the metrics of achievement and graduating inspired students equipped to achieve goals that are meaningful to the self and consequential to the world.

San Domenico is home to educational leaders and curious scholars from around the globe, all of whom are engaged in a purpose-driven approach to education. San Domenico epitomizes an inspired global learning community, as we continually research, evaluate, and deepen curriculum in response to the current educational landscape and to the changing needs of our times. 

We invite you to dig deeper into our academic program by exploring our curriculum and signature programs. 



Portrait of a Graduate

Throughout their careers at San Domenico, students intentionally cultivate and demonstrate certain competencies and qualities that will serve them well in life—not only as scholars, but as people affecting positive change in the world around them.

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Signature Programs


Signature Programs

From game design and filmmaking, to our pre-professional orchestral strings ensemble, to a self-reflective curriculum in Philosophy, Ethics, and World Religions, we offer students an unrivaled opportunity to discover and dig deep into their passions.

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Benefits of a K-12 Program

Cohesive Curriculum

A comprehensive K-12 education provides students academic and social-emotional continuity and stability that is unparalleled in most school settings. Young people who experience a cohesive curriculum that builds upon itself year-over-year are better able to integrate and retain what they have learned, while not being disrupted by school setting changes, which are often accompanied by significant stress, achievement loss, and curricular content gaps. Within our K-12 program, SD students feel safe taking academic risks and are able to immerse themselves in classroom and community activities with confidence and pride.

Multi-Grade Collaboration

A K-12 educational program also provides the unique opportunity for students to build community and develop as individuals. For our younger students, this means exposure to older SD students who model academic and social-emotional behavior. As students grow older, they learn to be leaders in their community, modeling what it means to be an SD student to the next generation of students.