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Whole Child Learning Meets College Prep

Upper School Student in Class

San Domenico is an academically rigorous, college preparatory school. We balance the rigor with fully integrated social-emotional programming, advisors, mentors, and in the Upper School, block schedules that allow for greater day-to-day balance and flexibility.


Professionally trained and personally dedicated, our faculty and administration were drawn to SD for the same reasons as our families—intimate classroom settings where individual interaction is the norm, not the exception and innovative learning is anchored by a deep and authentic connection to our core values. Our faculty guides students to new discoveries, and helps them grow to their unique potentials.

Students pursue discoveries, test ideas, learn from each other, and have fun

Engaged Students

Intent listening, lively discussions, and leadership opportunities are integral parts of San Domenico School classrooms. Students pursue discoveries, test ideas, learn from each other, and have fun. Encouraged by our teachers, and safely enclosed by our valley, students feel comfortable learning, and develop as confident individuals.

San Domenico School is an independent school offering coed pre-k through 12 and boarding school for upper grades 9 - 12 in California.

Close-knit Classrooms

Whether through a trip to the garden to learn about the nitrogen cycle or writing short stories in the courtyard to share with classmates the next day, students learn more about the subjects and themselves—and makes friends that stay with them into Upper School years and beyond.

Unifying Curriculum

As a K-12 school, our program builds on itself year after year, allowing students to find a sense of place, settle in, and grow into their best selves. Rather than isolating subjects from one another, professional development at SD empowers teachers across disciplines and school levels to collaborate. One of many positive results? Students begin to understand design thinking; how systems and information are related and interconnected. Here, you may find your self performing a play in a theatre class, that you wrote in your English class, after studying the subject in your ethics class! This approach to learning focuses on purposeful thinking and writing, rather than rote memorization or test-taking strategies—better preparing students for upper school and college.

San Domenico offers art classes in Marin County, CA and also specializes in Boarding School programs for grades 9-12.Co-curricular Offerings

In addition to our thoughtful academic program, students choose SD because our co-curricular offerings stretch and strengthen you in mind, body, and spirit. Students enjoy our athletic program and training facilities, music conservatory, 3D Lab, art building, digital media lab, and Garden of Hope, all of which serve as extended classrooms for exploration and growth amid the rolling hills of our 515-acre campus.

Eco Literacy

Anchored by our core values of stewardship and global interconnection, environmental sustainability is woven into our DNA. Beyond teaching students how to be responsible stewards of the Earth, our sustainable practices translate to the classroom—where we teach the value of lifelong learning, in-depth exploration, and careful consideration of every subject.

San Domenico Middle School Graduates

San Domenico Middle School graduates continue their education at fine schools throughout California and the San Francisco Bay Area; those who cannot attend our exceptional Upper School attend schools such as Branson, Marin Academy, Marin Catholic, St. Ignatius, and the Bay School to name a few.

San Domenico Upper School Graduates

Our Upper School graduates have gone on to colleges and universities such as CA Polytechnic, University of California, Carnegie Mellon University, Chapman University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Duke, Johns Hopkins University, New England Conservatory, Pepperdine University, Princeton, and Yale. Read more about college advising at San Domenico.


Dedicated to being California’s leading independent school, serving Kindergarten through twelfth grade students of all faiths. San Domenico is committed to excellence in education, preparing the next generation of global leaders.


Student visit days and parents tours are a great way for prospective students and parents to get to know San Domenico. Plan your visit

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