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Why K-12?

San Domenico leads the way in Independent School, K - 12, education San Domenico Makers Space: The 3D LAB A cohesive K-12 education supports and enhances student learning with a purposefully integrated scope and sequence of curriculum


San Domenico leads the way in Independent School, K - 12 education

Every day at SD, exceptional academics and our core values of study, reflection, service, and community cultivate lives grounded in a sense of purpose. We dedicate ourselves to discovering and celebrating meaning, purpose, and joy as part of every endeavor. And when our children uncover their purpose, they recognize that the most powerful motivation possible can come from within.

In a K-12 educational experience, teachers and administrators become the extended family, the proverbial village integral to raising healthy, happy, well-adjusted children.

Academic and Social-Emotional Benefits

A comprehensive K-12 education provides students academic and social-emotional continuity and stability that is unparalleled in most school settings. Young people who experience a cohesive curriculum that builds upon itself year-over-year, are better able to integrate and retain what they have learned, while not being disrupted by school setting changes which are often accompanied by significant stress, achievement loss, and curricular content gaps. As a result, students feel safe taking academic risks and are able to immerse themselves in classroom and community activities with confidence and pride.

As students progress through the grades, their increasing sense of belonging empowers them to find their voice, strengthen their commitment to the community, and deepen their level of trust with their teachers, mentors, and peers. Under these ideal conditions, students are motivated to achieve at their highest potential.

At San Domenico, we are proud of the pro-social culture that our K-12 environment fosters over the course of thirteen years. Our older students recognize that they are role models for younger children, and our younger students look up to their outstanding student mentors. While each school level has its own developmentally appropriate physical spaces, we intentionally create opportunities for multi-age interaction and learning. Kindergarteners may find themselves partnering with AP Chemistry students for a science lab, while Lower School students may participate in a dance class led by 9th graders. In addition, our international boarding program creates unique opportunities for cross-cultural exchange among grade levels. For example, Lunar New Year is not something that our youngest students just learn about in class, but rather they experience it firsthand as our high school students from China lead them in a parade and festivities to celebrate this 4,000-year-old tradition. With opportunities such as these, SD students learn to appreciate many cultures, as well as benefit from learning alongside students of all ages. These experiences are critical in cultivating global citizens and the leaders of tomorrow.

Our core beliefs are key to our approach: