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Our Values

San Domenico Lower School San Domenico Middle School San Domenico Upper School

Academic excellence requires not just knowledge, but also meaning

At San Domenico, we guide each other in building more purpose-driven lives. Living with purpose starts with identifying your own beliefs and your own values. It requires mastering new skills and working diligently to accomplish personal goals—goals that often serve a greater good. It continues by inviting others to complement and magnify your strengths.

Learn more about how our shared values light a fire in our hearts and minds, propelling each of us forward:

Enduring Values, Proven Traditions

As California's oldest independent school we provide innovative and progressive education anchored by our 170-year old history and the Dominican spirit of inquiry. We evolve to meet the changing needs of the times, providing students with a living, breathing example of creativity, flexibility, and innovation, balanced with the strength of tradition.

Our community is comprised of families of many faiths including Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc., as well as families who do not follow any particular faith but appreciate the value of discovering a sense of the sacred in its many manifestations.

Alumni Voices

— Matt Geffen, alum

“I don’t feel like I left San Domenico when I moved on. It’s still part of me and helped me become who I am—not just academically, but in all of the extracurricular areas.

— Matt Geffen, alum

— Hannah Puckett, Alum

"At San Domenico, teachers praise individuality. You’re encouraged to find out what you’re really good at and discover your passions.” — Hannah Puckett, Alum

— Daria Jackson, Alum

“San Domenico helped me find my voice. Now I have this drive to make an impact.”
— Daria Jackson, Alum

— Will Martell, alum

“The scariest thing I’ve ever had to do was sing in front of an audience in the musical. But we worked the whole year on the show, and it turned out to be the best experience that I’ve ever had at school. I didn’t know I was capable!”
— Will Martel, alum