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  • Arts & Music
  • Week 1: June 20-24
Photographs by students

About This Camp

This project-based personal learning camp fully immerses students in the digital camera experience. We demystify the functions of a camera step by step, developing an intimate understanding of its technological possibilities, so that they feel comfortable defaulting to a DSLR instead of iPhone. Campers connect with their peers through fun activities, and deepen their engagement with problem-solving behind the lens of the camera in order to create work that is exciting yet professional. Campers will have access to digital cameras and production equipment provided by the school.


Week 1: June 20-24, 2022 Register Now


Ages 12-17




Yoel Iskindir

Yoel Iskindir is a Bay Area native with Marin County roots. He earned a Bachelors of Arts in Cinema at San Francisco State University. Iskindir joined San Domenico to connect his experiences working with students with his production background to create a media program that will give students both technical skills and a global perspective. Read more about Yoel.