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  • Arts & Music
  • Week 4: July 18-22
Contemporary Dance Bootcamp
Contemporary Dance Bootcamp

About This Camp

Get ready to stretch your creative muscles! Contemporary Dance BootCamp is geared towards students with previous experience with dance. Students will develop technical skills in Contemporary Dance, which combines elements of Modern Dance, Jazz, and Ballet, in a fun, supportive environment. Classes will include conditioning exercises, stretching, across-the-floor movement, improvisation, and choreography. Materials: Students need to wear appropriate dance/PE attire. Dance shoes, such as jazz shoes, half-soles, or ballet slippers, are optional.


Week 4: July 18-22, 2022 Register Now
Half Day Mornings


Ages 11-14




Alyssa Carnahan

Alyssa Carnahan is a dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer, originally from Sonoma County. Alyssa joined the San Domenico faculty for the 2015-2016 school year, teaching Upper School dance, ballet, Dance Ensemble, and the Middle School Advanced Workshop. Read more about Alyssa.