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  • Arts & Music
  • Week 1: June 20-24
Art Around the World
Paints and Brushes for Art Camp

About This Camp

Let's take an art trip around the world! While exploring the art from various parts of the world, we'll discover ideas and artists that have contributed to our own and the global culture. Included are art and artists from Polynesia, Mexico, India, the Middle East, and America, through which we'll complete a related project in our fun and relaxing studio. Creating art like Diego Rivera, Tapa Cloth, and Basquiat will be a few of our inspirations. Experimentation is at the heart of creativity and we always begin our project experiences with flexibility, mindful of individual interests, to end with each artists’ own interpretation of the challenges.


Week 1: June 20-24, 2022

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Ages 6 - 12


$300 Half Day
$400 Full Day


Evelyn Moren

Evelyn earned her BS in Art Education from Florida International University in Miami, FL, as well as full professional certification in Art K-12 from the Florida Department of Education. In 2016, Evelyn joined the faculty and staff at San Domenico as the Lower School Art teacher. Read more about Evelyn.