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Weekly Reflection May 28, 2024
Cherries in the garden


Last week we got to see the Seniors present their ROSE projects. We got to hear about Lily and Olivia’s work to help local Fairfax children create a newspaper, Aarya’s wonderful project to empower women in India, and many, many more!

I was reminded of the words of the 8th century Buddhist philosopher, Shantideva:

All those who are happy in this life
are happy as a result of seeking the happiness of others.

This truth is so often forgotten in our modern world, with its emphasis on individuality and personal success. To take care of one another. To serve others, not from a place of privilege, but from a place of solidarity and love. These are the acts that give our life meaning and lead to real happiness in life.
Thank you to all the Seniors! And to Kathy Hagee for all her work in leading them through this process.
Have a wonderful week!